Bakery In Finland Making Bread Using Ground Cricket Flour

FINLAND: Fazer Bakery is making bread using ground cricket flour. It tastes great, would you try it?


It is delicious, well that what the Fazer Bakery claim.

The Finland Bakery is making and selling bread from ground cricket flour.

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A loaf of bread is made out of seventy crickets

The cricket is dried and then ground to make the flour. The cricket flour is imported from Netherlands. The cricket bread would contain more protein than the normal bread.

More than two billion people eat insects world wide because they are rich in fatty acids, calcium, iron and vitamin B12.

Fazer Bakery started baking and selling their unique bread after Finland lifted ban on insects used in food.

The CEO of Fazer Bakery is Markus Hellstrom. He said the dried whole cricket are ground to form flour. Dough is made from this flour and then baked to a very delicious product.

He also said they wanted to be ahead in the food revolution. He also added they wanted to make hand-made artisanal bread to boost growth in their bread category.

“In the Fazer in-store bakeries, we can easily bake and test different kinds of novelties. The first-in-the-world Fazer Cricket Bread is a great example of this.” 

However, not every one finds the Cricket Bread delicious many on social media are disgusted and disturbed by the thought of eating such bread.


People on social media reacted by saying :

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