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Access YouTube – Free proxy server to access YouTube and other blocked websites you can access almost any blocked website. For instance if your college or university has blocked social website like facebook and twitter don’t worry very own proxy server is here for you. Use it as much as you can without any limits.

Where there is a will, There’s a way !

Easy method ! 

Download Opera Browser for PC, Install it go to browser settings > Privacy & Security and enable VPN. One of the fastest VPN builtin free of cost. You can also use the same settings for the Mobile app.

Free VPN opera browserStay connected!

The proxy allows you to access Youtube and other websites from Desktop PC and Android Smartphones

Fastest Proxy Server

Phison Proxy for PC

Psiphon is an open source tool designed to circumvent censorship suffered by millions of Internet users in several countries where freedom of expression is a right that they do not have.

With Psiphon turn your computer into a proxy server that will connect the user or users you want to give access.

Among the Psiphon server and the client a secure, encrypted connection is established which cannot be intercepted.

So if you have friends or acquaintances who can not see a particular page because it has been banned in their country or because the connection fails, send them the address of the Psiphon server.

Psiphon lets you establish different user account, and all of them are protected with passwords which you may give to whomever you want.

Download Phison for Android Smartphones

PC / Smartphone Phison works perfect, Access youtube once you activate it, Earlier Zenmate Chrome Extension has been blocked by PTA fellas, but as long they keep blocking we’ll keep digging new ways to access Youtube.

No need to download any kind of third party software for this.

Pakistan been cursed by Rehman Malik and former Prime Minister Pervaiz Elahi,  at times I feel like I am living in the stone age because there is no way to access directly ( YouTube ) now I am not concerned what are the reservations behind this but Government should have opened it up for the public but their delay shows the honesty and sincerity to serve the people of Pakistan, since they are not so technical there are ways to reach out YouTube. Not just to Watch but even to Download the videos, even the government officials use these tricks and methods, so here’s one I am sharing with you all.

Search in Youtube Search bar whatever you like to watch as the results appear click on the video it will load up and  FULL Screen :)

 we are working on placing proper direct proxy link it will place right here so you can BOOKMARK this page.

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