Lemon and Beauty

Apart from nutritional value lemon plays its role to beautify skin and hair. It is rich in vitamin A, B and C. Regular use of lemon keeps you slim, will eliminate vitamin C deficiency and keep skin glowing.

  • Squeeze one lemon juice in your water bottle and drink as day goes by.
  • Lemon juice in water you rinse your hair with will keep your hair soft and shiny.
  • If you have dark spots on your skin, cut lemon in middle and rub it on the spots.

Beauty Tips

Skin Care

Lemon creme to keep your skin glowing, here is how you make it :

  • Grind almonds to a paste add in lemon juice, rose water and glycerin in equal quantity. Mix well and massage it on your face for 15 to 20 minutes. If possible keep it on over night.
  • Add few drops of lemon to your tooth paste to clean your teeth.
  • After child birth dark spots appear on the face due to deficiency of iron and vitamin C. Add lemon juice and honey to water and drink first thing in the morning on empty stomach.
  • For acne and black heads finely grind lemon peels and glycerin to form a paste apply this mask on the face, leave it on for 20 minutes and rinse of with water.
  • For oily skin :  mix one spoon lemon juice with cucumber juice and apply on face keep for 20 minutes then rinse off. Use this mask at least three times in a week.
  • For wrinkles: mix juice of one lemon with 100 grams of honey massage on your face and neck leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes than rinse off with water.
  • If your neck appears darker : make a mixture of  1 table spoon glycerin, 1 table spoon of rose water and juice of three lemons and preserve the mixture in a bottle. Massage it on your neck area at night thoroughly, wash it off in the morning.

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