Tips for Tired Eyes

Tip for Tired Eyes with little care and attention you can make your self look fresh and feel fresh. By following these simple tips you can make your self glow right at home.

Before going to sleep add few drops of lemon to cream of fresh milk, mix it well and massage gently to your face for few minutes then clean it up with cotton ball. Now mix again few drops of lemon to olive oil and massage your hands and feet properly and than go to sleep. Wash them off in the morning.

For tired eyes you need used tea bags (keep then in fridge to cool them) – put them on your eyes (closed) for 5 to 10 minutes. Than take a bowl put some milk in it add some ice cubes to it to cool milk. Now dip cotton balls in cold milk and put them on your eyes for 5 – 10 minutes.

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For Fresh Skin

Take jug fill it with water and rose water and ice to cool it. Now take gram flour add water to make a thin paste (not to thin and not too thick) massage your face with the paste gently and than wash it of with cold rose water in the jug. If you find your skin dry after this nothing to worry apply little moisturizer or few drops of almond oil to your skin.

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