15 Ways to help you stay younger

stay younger – There is no miracle cure that will prevent you from getting older but there are ways to delay to signs of aging and keep you looking sensational and feeling great to always stay younger .

Follow our 15 Tips to stay younger and fresh.


Plenty of care for your hair

Just the same as your skin, your hair can dehydrate and cause frizzyness. Deep conditioners can help but in short term try serums. These liquids were developed in late 80s for adding an instant shine to hair. By using few drops, you will seal the dry kinds of your hair, and add shine and control. Try to avoid silicon build up with once a week deep cleansing shampoo.

Massage your scalp to avoid hair loss

Give your scalp a regular massage to insure a supply of  oxygen rich blood reaches the hair roots.

Skin Whitening Mask (Orange Mask)

Get rid of those under eye bags

Old fashioned remedy of slices of chilled potatoes or cucumber places on your eyes for few minutes works wonders. Another solution to prevent under eye bags is by sleeping with the window open, avoid salty food and caffeine last thing before going to bed and try sleeping on two or three pillows to help prevent fluid retention inn your face.

Prevent skin dryness and broken veins

Avoid exposure of your skin to extreme cold and heat, wind and rain can cause dry skin and damage surface capillaries and cause broken veins. To protect skin try using extra oily moisturizer to keep water in the skin.

Get rid of dead skin cells

As we grow older, the cycle of the regeneration of our skin slows and fine lines, wrinkles and uneven coloring can form. Use skin buffers, scrubs to get rid of the dead skin cells that build up on the skin’s surface.

Cover up fine lines

The market is full of many choices of the latest foundations which may contain light reflective particles to give the illusion of smoother skin. Go for semi-matte finishes which flatter fine lined skin and avoid powdery, caked bases which highlight faults. To add finish touch, use a light dusting of translucent powder.

Boost your skin, use face mask

The quickest way to give boost to your skin is with a face mask. It works by temporarily starving your skin of oxygen, which makes your blood rush to the surface, leaving you with that healthy looking glow. For extra advantage, use the type of mask formulated to deep cleanse your skin and boost circulation.

If you smoke, give it up

Tobacco smoke starves your body of the oxygen, vitamins and antioxidants all of which are needed for cell renewal. If you smoke, do yourself a favor and give it up, but if you don’t, it is equally important not to expose yourself to passive smoking.

The Dangers of Flavoured Tobacco and Shisha

Be a sleeping beauty

Using rich moisturizer, will help your skin repair and regenerate while you sleep. Night creams are different from daytime moisturizers because they obtain more emollients to moisturize skin. First, freshly cleanse your skin and apply gently avoiding the eye area, which can become puffy, then lie back and relax.

Tips for Tired Eyes

Do not neglect your eyes

Use matte powder colors in subtle shades and blend well. Forget about frosted eye shadows which will sink into lines and highlight them not your eyes. For good and long lasting looks try a liquid to powder shadows with moisturizer.

On hand care

It is common fact that hands age quicker than any other part of the body, but surprising are often neglected. Apply a sunscreen based moisturizer twice daily to avoid age spots.

Effects of sun rays on the skin

Try to use sunscreen all year round to protect the skin from the damages cause by the exposure to the sun. in summer try to wear a hat or head cover besides the right summer moisturizer.

Lip-line your lips

Lips tend to lose definition as we get older. Lip liners define lips prevent color bleeding into the fine lines around the mouth, with lasting effects on lip color.

Give your smile extra sparkle

Keep regular check up with your dentist and make your smile dazzling with tooth whiteners.

Watch what you eat

There are many things that causes your body to develop chemicals called free radicals which damage your skin cells. These things are Sunlight, pollution and smoking. To protect your skin against these eat lots of greens and orange vegetables which are rich in antioxidants, or try antioxidant vitamins.

In addition a general rule is to pay attention to exercise which gets your circulation moving, and brings freshly oxygenated blood to your akin, hair and nails. It also eliminates toxins and reduces fluid retention, besides strengthens muscles and joints and undoubtedly improves your overall stamina. Try not to overdo it, and exercise for say 10 minutes to begin with then increase the time gradually to 20 or 30 minutes three or four times a week.

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