Ali Habib Medical Center Naya Nazimabad to provide Quality Healthcare

KARACHI: Naya Nazimabad is preparing for the forthcoming inauguration of Ali Habib Medical Center to carrying on its commitment giving back to Karachi’s progressive middle class. The center is a not-for-profit institution named in the honour of late Mr. Ali Habib – former Chairman, House of Habib.

Mr. Ali Habib’s contribution to Pakistan and its economy remains unparalleled. He recently passed away in Karachi, leaving behind a great legacy. This medical center is a humble token of appreciation in recognition of his services.

The Medical Center located at Naya Nazimabad is scheduled to commence operations next month. It is designed to cater to the primary healthcare needs of the community, both within Naya Nazimabad and the densely populated areas in the surrounding.

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Ali Habib Medical Center will also provide specialized health consultation through consultant clinics and modern diagnostic facilities in a pleasant environment with well trained, dedicated staff.

We believe the promotion of good health, disease prevention and management are essential to the wellbeing of residents in the area.

Naya Nazimabad is an integrated housing scheme which focuses on healthy community living. It is the largest master-planned, gated residential development in Karachi and will house more than 30,000 families at its completion. It has the provision for all conceivable amenities, all within walking distance for its residents.

A project of Javedan Corporation Limited, Naya Nazimabad is a self-contained city, conceptualized and developed with the vision of providing a peaceful community atmosphere and a healthy lifestyle.

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