Cleanliness is the part of faith – We should keep Pakistan clean

This is the picture of the busy road in Multan, named Masoom shah road, see the garbage on the footpath. There is garbage box at 1 minute distance away from this place, but people throw their garbage right in front of their houses, They keep their houses clean, but do not want to clean their homeland Pakistan, Cleanliness is half of the faith.

We have been reading since we are in schools. But it is not practicing actually in Pakistan. Our Beloved Prophet Sallalahu Alyi hi wasallam has said

Abu Malik at-Ash’ari reported: The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: Cleanliness is half of faith

Sahih Muslim, The Book of Purification, Hadith 1

Same is the case when people travelling in a car. They throw the peels of  fruits on the roads and many other wrappers of eatable things on the roads. They should have stored them temporarily and disposed them properly after reaching their destination. Actually it is healthy, when this garbage is away from the roads. Then people will inhale fresh air instead of this garbage mix air. It is healthy for us, our children and consequently for Pakistan.

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