Hair Oil For Long and Strong Hair

Who doesn’t like long and strong hair? We all go through hair trouble ones in our lifetime. No matter male or female, we all want healthy hair as healthy and strong hair plays a vital role in our personality and makes us feel beautiful and confident. Whenever we face any hair issues first thing that comes to our mind is hair oil for long and strong hair.

There is a long list of hair oils available in market, and that’s really confusing, it’s really hard to decide which oil to choose for your hair.

Well I have tried so many oils on my hair non worked the way I wanted. If you are facing the issue of hair fall or thinning hair ( I am sure we all have faced this issue), I think I have a perfect hail oil for long and strong hair. It’s tried and tested.

Here I am sharing the secret recipe of my herbalist. It is a combination of 7 different oils.  Here is the list of those hail oils which will give you long and strong hair.

Hair Oil For Long and Strong Hair
Hair Oil For Long and Strong Hair



  1. Black Seed Oil                  50gm
  2. Egg Oil                            30gm
  3. Almond Oil                      50gm
  4. Bottle Gourd Oil               50gm
  5. Poppy Seed Oil                50gm
  6. Olive Oil                         50gm
  7. Cashew Nut Oil               30gm


Hair Oil
Hair Oil

It’s simple pour them one by one in a bottle and give it a give it a good shake to mix them all. That’s it now you a magical hair oil for long and strong hair.

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First two weeks are challenging but it’s worth the challenge. Apply the hair oil properly on the scalp and massage it for few minutes, the idea is to oil the hair roots properly. It doesn’t have to be too much oil but enough to cover all hair roots. Apply it at night and wash it next day with any light soap. Repeat it every day for two weeks. If you must use shampoo, use only baby shampoo. You may not like the way your hair looks after using the soap but that’s the challenge.

After two weeks, apply the oil after the gap of two day and shampoo, continue for two more weeks. After this oil you hair whenever you need to shampoo. Keep the oil on for at least for two to three hours, and shampoo.


This hair oil will give you long and strong hair. You will notice the difference after first two weeks. If you have dandruff issue, this oil will take care of that as well.

This oil is tried and tested, I have tries many hair oils but this Hair Oil is the best For Long and Strong Hair.

Do try this out I am sure you all will benefit from this oil like I have.

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