Secret health benefits of cherries you never knew

Apart from their sweet and watery flavors, there are impressive benefits of cherries that contribute to our good health. You might be consuming cherries because of its juicy pulpy blend of flavors. However, there’s more to this sweetened tiny fruit that you need to know.

you never knew

Summer season is all about satisfying your gut with devouring eatables. Likewise, the most charming thing about summers is the variety of fruits that it brings along including our favorite Cherries!

This gratifying syrupy candy is the specialty of mid-year. In addition, it also has some secret health benefits as they are packed with variety of minerals, vitamins and fibers that very few people know.

Health benefits of cherries:

1. Peaceful sleep:

As astonishing as it may sound, Cherries do facilitate peaceful and comfortable. This mini fruit is rich in melatonin; a hormone that controls sleep-wake cycle of the body, promoting sleep quality.

Moreover, increased intake of cherries rich fruit also helps in relieving insomnia. According to a study:

“20 people who drank tart cherry juice concentrate for 7 days experienced significant increases in melatonin levels, sleep duration, and sleep quality, compared to a placebo.”

Similarly, another experiment stated:

“2-week study in older adults with insomnia found that drinking 1 cup (240 ml) of tart cherry juice before bed increased sleep time by 84 minutes.”

So, if you’re struggling with sleeping routine, how about try this hidden natural remedy before the end of cherry season?

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2. Antioxidant and ant inflammation properties of cherries:

 With high plant compound’s concentration, cherries have numerous elements that add to its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities.


Cherry has high value of polyphenols. Polyphenols prevents cellular damage and reduces inflammation, providing good health.

Moreover, cherries also contain beta carotene and vitamin C, both of which are known for their to antioxidant and anti-inflammation properties.

3. Cherries maintain blood pressure and heart health:

Cherry has large levels of potassium. Potassium maintains the check and balance of body sodium, hence maintaining regular heart beats and reducing hypertension. Also, polyphenols in cherries like anthocyanins, flavonols, and catechins regulates cholesterol levels and inflammation, preventing your heart from stroke and other diseases.

4. Helps in weight loss:

These small sweetened toffees have minimum calories and cherry rich diet helps in weight loss. In addition these are more watery and rich in vitamins. This property helps in strengthening metabolism and expelling harmful toxins from your body.

5. Skin and hair benefits:

Antioxidants in cherries eliminate free radicals and promote young, clearer and healthier skin. Moreover, cherry paste mixed with honey works as natural scrub that helps in fighting dark spots and sun burns and increase skin tone.

Cherries are also rich in vitamin B and C that promotes reduces hair fall, split ends and promotes hair health.

To conclude, Cherries might be the small juicy gratifying fruit that we adore for its flavor, but it also does wonders to our body, with its secret ingredients. So, stock a bunch of this amazing fruit before it’s out of stock.

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