Health benefits of Red Meat you’re unaware of

With Eid ul Adha approaching, Red meat season is also just a week away, especially in Pakistan. However, a huge part of population avoids beef as it promotes a number of health diseases. But that is not whole truth; Red meat consumption also has some shocking advantages that are mentioned below.

Red meat
Health benefits of Red Meat you’re unaware of

Red meat is the oldest source of nutrition for human body. With its high protein contents and other nutrients, red meat provides numerous health benefits. Though, there is a certain limit for its intake and excessive consumption could be fatal.

“The Department of Health advises people to consume 90g or less of red meat per day. A thin slice of lamb or beef, the size of half a slice of bread provides about 30g of meat.”

1. Red Meat is rich in iron:

Iron is an essential component of human metabolism. It is associated with hemoglobin; that helps in oxygen transportation through the body cells such as heart and brain.

Red meat is packed with iron and is best absorbed by human body than other sources such as leafy plants, beans and grains etc.

Moreover, iron deficiency is one of the most common disorders in Pakistan, especially in children and women. Hence, red meats consumption is proven to be beneficial.

2. Vitamin B abundance:

As the building block of healthy organs, vitamin B has direct effect on energy levels, brain function and metabolism.

Red meats are a rich source of Vitamin B, being abundant in vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12. B6 contributes to a healthy immune system, whereas B12 has various welfares on nervous system. Furthermore, Red meat also contains other significant B vitamins, deficiencies of which could lead to serious health diseases. Other forms in red meat are:

Vitamin B6, Thiamine, Folate, Riboflavin, Niacin and Pantothenic Acid.

In addition, according to studies, vegans and vegetarians usually take supplements for B vitamins as their diet lacks this necessary component.

3. Red meat and zinc:

Zinc, another crucial mineral for human body, is relatively hard to find in dietary products. However, red meats, the small treasure of healthy nutrients is packed with this mineral and fulfills its requirements.

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As astounding as it may sound, zinc is needed for a number of tasks by human body. It plays a major role in maintaining defense system of the body. Additionally, it plays its part in cell division, cell growth, breakdown of carbohydrates, wound healing and muscles and brain development.

Other dietary sources of Zinc are fish, milk, whole grains, cereals, beans and nuts.

4. Huge source of proteins:

Protein is the most important element of the body. It plays a pivotal role in growth and development of the body and also promotes body’s health. Deficiency of protein can lead to muscle damage hence welcoming lethargy, dizziness and lack of physical movement.

Red meat as obvious is a huge and quick supply of proteins and provides great quantity with a small diet.

Red meat

To conclude, red meat is not as harmful as it is thought to be and in fact is a good source of dietary compounds. A meal of two of red meats in a week provides enough benefits, maintaining strength and health of the human body.

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Also, as meat is a house to number of bacteria and viruses, it is important to properly cook and boil it before cooking. This helps in the purity of your meal, eliminating all the harmful components.  

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