Hypertension – 8 herbs to lower blood pressure

Treat your high ranges of blood pressure, you can treat your hypertension with the following 8 scientifically proven herbs that helps in curing this lethal disorder.

Hypertension, blood pressure
Hypertension – 8 herbs to lower blood pressure.

Around 18 percent of people in Pakistan suffer from hypertension with every third person over the age of 40 becoming increasingly vulnerable to a wide range of diseases.

With spontaneous spread of hypertension all over the world, selecting your meals and ingredients is extremely necessary. However, apart from avoiding salt, there are many other ingredients that help in maintaining proper levels of blood pressure, with herbs topping the list.

In this article, we discuss some common herbs that aid hypertension as well as add contrasting, mouth-watering flavors to your dishes.

1. Cinnamon

The soothing bitter sweet flavored cinnamons, commonly known as Dar-Cheeni in Urdu are proven to bring your blood pressure numbers down. Hence, it is an extremely tasty ingredient to include in hypertensive individual’s diets.

Moreover, one study in rodents proved cinnamons to cure both sudden onset as well as prolonged high blood pressure, when inserted intravenously.

Cinnamon could be included in your meals by sprinkling on breakfast cereals, oatmeal and your coffee etc.

Apart from hypertensive benefits, cinnamon tea is also proven to reduce weight, boost metabolism and ease digestion.  

2. Basil leaves

Another of the flavored herb, Basil or tulsi has more healing and healthful qualities than we are aware of, making it one of the most treasured herbs of the world.

Some of the medicinal properties of basil include anti-inflammatory responses, quick digestion, diabetes management, depression fighter and skin cleanser to name a few.

However, when it comes to hypertension and herbs, basil leaves tops the list.

The chemical eugenol, which is present in basil leaves helps fighting certain substances that tightens blood vessels. This leads to reduced blood pressure.

Basil could easily be included in diet by adding to pastas, soups and salads etc.

3. Ginger

One of the most common ingredients, Ginger [Adrak] also holds its place in hypertension and herbs list.

The yellow herb is known to improve blood circulation and relax the tensed muscles, hence lowering blood pressure.

Additionally, ginger also has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces swelling. The lime brown yellow herb is an excellent natural remedy to treat arthritis and other bone diseases.

4. Cardamom

Cardamom, translated to ilaichi in Urdu is the queen of hypertension and herbs, providing countless health benefits.

When it comes to hypertension, Cardamom is scientifically proven ingredient to lower the readings.

In a study conducted to study effects of cardamom, it was discovered use of 1.5 grams of cardamom powder, twice a day for 15 days lowered high blood pressure with great strikes.

Other than that, cardamom is quiet handy herb and provides many other health benefits as well. Some of the medicinal qualities of this Asian herb are: Antioxidants and diuretics, Cancer fighting elements, anti-inflammatory effects, cavities prevention and anti-bacterial effects to name a few.

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5. Garlic

Garlic or lehsan also helps in lowering blood pressure and is a must compound to include in hypertension and herbs.

Garlic is rich in substance called nitric oxide, which causes our blood vessels to relax and dilate [vasodilation], hence regulating normal flow of blood and reducing hypertension.

Garlic is also known to lower cholesterol levels that help in preventing heart diseases.

6. Celery seed

Celery seed or ajwain in Urdu is a seasoning herb used to flavor soups, stews and other savory dishes. Celery seeds are long used in China to cure hypertension. Therefore it is an effective ingredient for hypertension and herbs.

In addition, celery seeds have diuretics properties and that also supports its work in lowering high blood pressure.

7. French Lavender

French Lavender, the perfume scented herb is known to lower heart rates and hypertension. However, it is not much preferred when it comes to culinary products.

Nevertheless, Lavender can be used similar to rosemary leaves.

8. Flax seed

Flax seed, or alsi in Urdu is another potent herb of hypertension and herbs list that has omega-3 and fatty acids that helps in reducing blood pressure.

Other than that, flax seed also protects against cardiovascular diseases, by reducing cholesterol and working as antioxidant.

To conclude, hypertension might be a silent killer and lethal disorder, but proper diet measures, and extreme care, followed with hypertension friendly ingredients help in fighting this lethal disorder and maintains good health.

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