The Gateway of Islam in Sub Continent – Bhambore

The City which holds the secrets and the tales of the history Bhambore well-known as The Gateway of Islam in Sub Continent, an ancient port city of Debal, located 60km from Karachi toward Thatta city, Sindh from National Highway (N5), Historical ancient city still have the traces of the 7th century civilization and things which were discovered from it, are kept in Bhambhore museum which is also there, Once this city was on the bank of the river Indus and Indus river used to merge with sea just right next to it, but over the time, river changed it’s course  now it’s next to the sea, couple of kilometers away.

Back in 7th century the majority of people those who lived there where Buddist and Hindus, since it was the port their business was ( Trade ) but Buddhist and Hindus were unhappy from each other after, Muhammad bin Qasim invaded the city, the succession of this expedition is the unhappiness of the Buddist population; it is believed they may have helped the coming invaders since Buddist and Hindus were not getting along in this city.

When we talk about the SINDH presently and in history known as SIND has a wide verity of the battles those who conqured and conquest this Indus region, these days I am reading the history of this land almost ever since anyone documented written in Parisian but Translated in English in 1900.

Indus Valley have a history of ancient civilization, some are explored and some are still not been discovered. Bhambore became the birth place of Islam because  The First Mosque in sub continent  known as ‘The Grand Mosque’ is still there. things started to change when Muhammad bin Qasim invaded the city and destroyed the castle and took control of it. The remaining traces of the castles are merely visible but it’s right next to the bhambore city. Muhammad bin Qasim separated the city into two portions,Upper and Lower portions, this partition still can be seen clearly, in the lower portion of the city Hindus, were living and on upper portion after the invasion was the Muslims.

The Port of Debal became the gateway for Islam in sub continent before this Islam was not in a majority in this entire region. The traditional Jewelery , crockery, toys, hand crafted item, even currency coins, of both faiths ( Hindus & Muslims ) all are placed well and preserved in the museum and Bhambhore harbor port became trade capital. It’s Historic signification is also related to the true love tale of Sassi ( Female ) from Bhambore and Puhno (Mal ) from Bloch tribe, their story even mentioned in poetry by Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai Islamic Sufi poet, in his ‘Shah jo Risaloo’ ( Shah’s Magzine ).

Bhambhore City Enterance
Bhambhore City Enterance

Bhambhore City Enterance

I went to bhambhore first time in 1999 and after 10 years in 2009, it’s like this place is in timeless world, nothing has changed so far and standing right on the top from where you can see in all directions gives you a feelings like it is trying to convey some message, all thou ruined and the mount but paths are still there, both portions of the city are there, walls are strong and standing long but deep inside I felt strange for which I have no words, maybe next time i’ll go at evening time and spend night there, because I can imagine how beautiful it must be if full moon and sea is just right ahead being in a city which reminds me, freedom never comes without paying it’s price ‘The Great Battles’. I am not a historian but I love historic places and I deeply know the worth and the value of the place which not only made but changed the history forever.

Lastly In late 50′s Pakistan’s archaeologist found Gold Coin, which is still in Hyderabad Museum after which they quit digging and exploring, as many locals those who live near by say, under the lower portions temples and lot of Gold is buried. Government of Pakistan did not allow anyone after once they made the museum and assigned it as an ancient civilization of Indus Valley. If you are interested in history and ancient civilization specially Indus Valley, don’t forget to visit Bhambore before time vanish it from the face of the earth forever.

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Location: 60km from Karachi, N5 National Highway after crossing ‘Gharo’ 35 km.

Best Months to Visit : October to March,  Day time visit, there are no dining restaurants and no hotels there.

By: Farhan Imaan Abro

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