Samsung Galaxy S6 Rom for Qmobile Noir Z10 & Z12

Syed Ahmed Ali Shah – Senior INCPak Team member is on fire these days as he is porting various roms for QMobile Noir Z10 & Z12. Samsung Galaxy S6 stands one of my favorite – 60k Interface in 16k ;) ye Cheez ….

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Shah Sahib has confirmed that Rom will be available for Qmobile Noir Z10 and QMobile Noir Z12 both so instead of making two different posts made only one. Perhaps I am not confirmed about all the Roms will be available for both models or not.

Some of the screenies 

TouchWiz UI

Samsung Galaxy S6 Rom for QMobile Noir Z10 &  Z12

Samsung Galaxy S6 Rom Samsung Galaxy S6 Rom Samsung Galaxy S6 Rom Samsung Galaxy S6 Rom


Camera result shared ! working perfectly on QMobile Noir Z10 .


Rom Download Link

For QMobile Noir Z10 


TWRP 3.0 Recovery Qmobile Noir Z10 





Stay tuned for more roms and screenies.


Credits :- 

Sir Ahmed Ali Shah               Screenshots + Rom + Love :*

Farhan Imaan Abro              Post


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