5 Facts Why Pakistan Cannot be Invaded

Pakistan has many friends and foes across the globe. The enemies surely have thought to strike Pakistan many times. Here are 5 facts why Pakistan cannot be invaded.

5 Facts Why Pakistan Cannot be Invaded
5 Facts Why Pakistan Cannot be Invaded

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Pakistan was established in the name of Islam. And the country is protected by heavens above. The geographical location of Pakistan naturally provides a protective umbrella. 

Apart from its topography, Pakistan is blessed with one of the best Armies of the world. Last but not the least the unity of people at the times of difficulties is unbreakable. 

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Top 5 Facts Why Pakistan Cannot be Invaded

1. Topography

The topography of Pakistan being intense will make it impossible for any kind of invasion. Geography of Pakistan holds various forms of landscape varying from plains to hills, plateaus, forests, and deserts. This combination and variation of landscape will hinders any kind of invasion. Enemies will easily fade away as if swallowed by the land.

2. Ethnicity

Pakistan is home for different ethnicities such as Punjabi, Sindhi, Baloch, Pathan, Each has its own history and contributions in the historical battles for independence and foreign invasions. Hinder History has shown each race has proved itself to be a warrior and fighter in its own unique ways. the is proved by the various battles fought by this nation with the British and Indian Army.

3. Nationalism

We all know for a fact that our nationalism and unity has kept us united. Whenever there is any threat this nation stands together as one no matter what. The citizens of Pakistan are not afraid to fight any battle and they stand together along the Army to strike back at the enemies.

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4. ISI and Pakistan Army

The world knows Pakistan Army is one of the best in the world. It is well equipped with weaponry not only that but one of the bravest too.

Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) Pakistan’s Secret Service Intelligence is one of the top Intelligence agency in the world. 

5. Islamic Ideology

Pakistan is the only country that was established based on Islamic Ideology. This ideology not only unites this nation but motivates to stand together to protect the mother land in toughest of any situation and fight the most powerful enemy.

As Muhammad Ali Jinnah said “No Power on earth can undo Pakistan” that’s right, no matter pakistanis have different point of views in politics but when it comes to the country, They are all united as one. 

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