Coronavirus Interactive Dashboard launched by Govt of Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The Government of Pakistan has developed a novel coronavirus Interactive Dashboard to spread timely and authentic information.

This Interactive dashboard aims to update and inform the masses about COVID-19 including preventive measures, what to do and where to go in case someone is affected, frequently asked questions and many more.

The Coronavirus Interactive Dashboard also has updated data on the number of current cases in Pakistan and around the world.

Keeping in view the national and global situation it is utterly important to have as much as possible updated information.

How is it Transmitted

The coronavirus is reported to spread from person to person. It is highly contagious and spreads through contaminated hands or droplets (coughing and sneezing)

Coronavirus Vaccine

At present, there is no vaccine available for COVID-19.

The doctors around the world are however using a combination of drugs to treat the virus.

Malaria pill chloroquine has also been used by doctors in China and it seemed to have cured many patients.

How to stay safe

Since there is no cure yet, the best thing to do is prevent it from spreading. The best way is to take care of your hygiene to stay clean and stay away from COVID-19 patients.

Coronavirus Symptoms

  • Coughing and sneezing
  • Hot fever
  • Strong Headache
  • Sore Throat
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Kidney Failure

Designated Hospitals and Isolation Wards for COVID-19 

The Government of Pakistan has Thirty-Five designated hospitals and isolation wards for COVID-19 throughout the countries.

In case of emergency, people can go to the nearest hospital or isolation wards.

Check the list of Designated Hospitals and Isolation Wards for COVID-19  in Pakistan on the link below.

Designated Hospitals and Isolation Wards for COVID-19 

Coronavirus Chatbot

The Government of Pakistan has also launched a Chatbot to address the concerns on coronavirus. People can ask their questions and get information on COVID-19 by Facebook messenger.

Learn more about the CHATBOT

To access the

Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations & Coordination Islamabad’s Chatbot. To reach them click below on Chatbot.

CHATBOT – Messanger

How to contact the Ministry of National Health Services Regulations & Coordination

Address: 3rd Floor Kohsar Block, Islamabad

Land Line: +92-51-9245746

email: [email protected]


COVID-19 Help Line – 1166

Coronavirus Interactive Dashboard

Reach Coronavirus Interactive Dashboard

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