A Hero Of 1965 War M M Alam known as Little Dragon

MM Alam The Pride of Pakistan. When ever we take his name our heads become high energize our spirit with Patriotism . He was a true Patriot and Hero of our nation. Muhammad Mahmood Alam also Known as MM Alam  was born in 6th July 1935 in East Pakistan. He completed his secondary education in 1951 from Government High School, Dacca, East Pakistan. He joined the PAF in 1952 and was granted commission on October 2, 1953. His family moved to West Pakistan in around 1971.

M M Alam

M M Alam

He was a patriotic person who never married due to patriotism and love with the country. He never gave importance to his mother tongue languages Bengali always preferred Urdu Language In one of his interview he says “ This was my Wish from the childhood to become a soldier and defend my country and to be a fighter pilot and with the grace of GOD I succeeded in my mission and joined PAF ( Pakistan Air Force ) . Some facts of Islam and jihad always remained in my mind that one Muslim is equal to 10 kafirs during the war and these were the all things which I remember every time and I love my country so much “

Loving his Country can be described in such words that in hot summer days with fasting M M Alam don’t rest in the Air condition rooms while others were having rest, he goes outside and passes his time with his Aircraft F-86 and aiming at different angles that whom he don’t miss his Aim during any War in the future and keep preparing himself in the free time.

In 1965 When India  underestimated the power of Pakistan Air Force and WAR started in the late mist dark night and the Untold WAR begins. Gen Ayub Khan Addressed to Pakistani Nation about that Untold War. At that time India was 3 times bigger and more powerful then Pakistan. This time Mr.MM Alam who was the first commanding officer of the first squadron of Assaults Mirage III he took his F-86 Sabre Jet Plane equipped with AIM-9 Sidewinder  missiles and Fly Over the Skies of  Sargodha to defeat the enemies who entered in Pakistani Air Space to attack that’s when M.M Alam made the unforgettable history by knocking down 9 Indian Fighter Jets “ Hawker hunters” in air to air combat as Hawker Hunter were more powerful than F-86. Not only he shoots down as he sets an unbeaten world record by Downing five Indian aircraft in thirty seconds . Alam announced to the radar controller that he had shot down 9 IAF Air crafts And When Radio Pakistan announced his brilliance, The Peoples of Pakistan started rising the slogans of “Allah o Akbar” from this M M ALAM spoiled the dirty Dreams of the enemy.

M.M. Alam was the first ever honored fighter pilot for PAF, listed on top in the hall of famers list at the PAFMuseum in Karachi. Alam is considered as a national hero for Pakistan, most significantly, for his remarkable show of brilliance in the war of 1965 he was awarded the Sitara-e-Jurat (“The star of courage”) and also the BAR medal

MM Alam also took part in the Afghanistan WAR against Soviets as a Mujahid. M. M. Alam Road, a major road in Lahore, is named in honor of the flying ace of Pakistan Air Force

The Air Force legend was battling illness since December 2012, and was admitted to Pakistan Naval Station Shifa Hospital in Karachi. After a protracted illness, M. M. Alam died in Karachi on 18 March 2013. He was 77. Alam had been suffering from respiratory problems but his health had deteriorated lately. He had been under treatment for about 18 months. M. M. Alam’s funeral prayer was offered at the PAF Base Masroor, where he served some of the finest years of his air force life. He was later laid to rest at the Shuhuda (Martyrs) graveyard at PAF Masroor Airbase

His Nick was “ Little Dragon “ and may His soul rest in peace and May Allah give him place in Heaven. The true Patriot and a legend who work hard for Pakistan and give his whole life in defending Pakistan. History will never forget this “Little Dragon” a true hero of 1965.

Just one Line for the hero of Pakistan MM ALAM Peoples Come and go but legends are forever


Pakistan Zindabad !   

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