How to invest in Naya Pakistan Certificates

Naya Pakistan Certificates: The Government of Pakistan has offered the overseas Pakistanis an attractive opportunity to invest their money in Pakistan by introducing Naya Pakistan Certificates. These saving certificates have already attracted a huge investment from overseas Pakistanis.

How to invest in Naya Pakistan Certificates

Here’s how to invest in Naya Pakistan Certificates, Now the overseas Pakistanis and resident Pakistanis having assets abroad can invest in Naya Pakistan Certificates with attractive returns over different maturities.

NPCs are sovereign instruments, denominated in dollar and rupee, issued by the government and can only be purchased through Roshan digital accounts. Resident Pakistanis who have declared their assets abroad can also invest in USD denominated NPCs.

The investors can avail this opportunity through the partnering banks only.

Naya Pakistan Certificates Features

The Saving Certificates offer the following attractive annualized rates of return:

Naya Pakistan Certificates Features

Who can invest in NPCs

Islamic Naya Pakistan Certificates

(Shariah Compliant Version)

How Can You Invest in NPCs

Follow these simple steps and if you click on the below mentioned partnering banks it will take you to their NPCs guideline page and digital account details.

1. Open a Roshan Digital Account

2. Transfer Funds in Your Account

3. Choose the NPC and Subscribe

NPCs are offered digitally through the following banks

To invest in NPCs click on any of the above Banks of your choice.

Guidelines For Eligible Resident Pakistanis

Resident Pakistanis who have declared assets abroad with FBR can open a Foreign Currency Roshan Digital Account. Through this account, among other facilities, they will be able to invest in USD-denominated Naya Pakistan Certificates, the newly-launched debt securities of the Government of Pakistan offering attractive returns over different maturities.

Opening an Account

  1. Physically visit participating banks. The account can be opened by visiting a branch of any of the following 8 partner banks in Pakistan: Bank Alfalah, Faysal Bank, Habib Bank, MCB, Meezan, Samba, Standard Chartered, and UBL.
  2. Follow the usual process. The standard account opening process for resident Pakistanis will apply.
  3.  Provide tax return or signed affidavit. In addition to standard documents required for KYC/CDD, either (i) the latest wealth statement filed with FBR showing declaration/disclosure of assets held abroad or (ii) a signed affidavit stating the value of assets held abroad as declared in the latest wealth statement filed with FBR will be required.
  4. Joint account facility. The account can be opened jointly with another resident Pakistani.

Using the Account

  1. Feeding the Account. The account can be fed with remittances received from abroad through banking channels. Feeding on local sources is not allowed.
  2. Banking Services. All banking services allowed through digital channels will be available with the account e.g. internet/mobile banking, ATM/ Debit cards. The bank may also issue a checkbook to the account holder if required.
  3. Investments. The account can be used to invest in foreign currency-denominated debt securities of the government of Pakistan, notably the USD Naya Pakistan Certificates, as well as foreign currency deposit schemes of the banks. Profit from these investments and disinvestment proceeds can also be credited to the account.
  4. Payments. Transfer and payment to any person within or outside Pakistan is allowed.
  5. Withdrawal. Cash withdrawal is available in either foreign currency or in equivalent Pak Rupees.
  6. Full Repatriability. Funds in the accounts can be repatriated abroad anytime without any prior approval from SBP or the bank.

SBP Circular

SBP Naya Pakistan Certificates

All You Need To Know About Naya Pakistan Certificates (NPCs)


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