How to join PPP (Pakistan Peoples Party)

If you want to join PPP (Pakistan Peoples Party)  than you have landed on the right place. Here is how to join Pakistan Peoples Party. With the announcement of General Election date of 25th July 2018 all the political parties have become active and alert.

PPP being one of the biggest parties of the country have started their country wide election campaign. As the parties have become active so have the public. Those who haven’t joined any parties, first thing that must be crossing their mind is how to join their favorite party.

Pakistan Peoples Party

For online membership

If you want join PPP Membership online here.

Member and supporters can now join PPP family by registering online as a member. Click the above link. First thing you will notice are the two tabs 1. Resident Pakistani and      2. Overseas Pakistani

Click the tab of your choice to open the online registration form. It is quite a simple form just to give your personal details. Supporter of PPP within the country and outside can easily join by filling out the online registration form. It’s just 3 step process.

  1. Registration Form

Go to the relevant membership section and fill in the required details in the membership form

2. Email Verification

A verification link will be emailed to you that would authenticate your email ID once you click on it

3. Membership Confirmation

After internal verification process, you will receive a welcome email from the Technical Unit, PPP

For Offline Membership

  1. sms your name and CNIC number to 9997

2. Visit your nearest membership camp

3. Call PPP helpline 0800 44777

Dont forget to join their facebook page for updates

Now that you know how to join PPP, don’t waste any of your time and hurry. Support your favourite party and exercise your right to vote.

Not interested in PPP? How about Joining PTI or PMLN ?

How To Join PTI – Become a member




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