How to Join PTI – Become a Member

For corruption free Pakistan join the biggest team of PTI community. Well that’s what the PTI leaders claim. Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) is the name of JAZBA visit their pages to know all the methods on how to join PTI to help bring the changes in the country.

If you have faith in this political party and believe in what they say do join PTI. If you want to know how to join PTI keep reading.

No doubt PTI has the most vibrant and the young followers. Imran Khan is known for his blunt statements and his brave strategies. He is one leader who is not afraid to speak the truth and always stands up as a brave warriors. He surely believes in him self and his young followers.

To resolve the problems of  Pakistan fair governance is must.Becoming a member of the party is very simple and there are multiple methods to join PTI.

How to join PTI

Join PTI Online

  1. Visit and sign up online to become a member. Simply visit their page and click on become a member to fill out their simple membership form. Provide your own personal data and submit the form.
  2. Sign Up Online at to become a member of PTI Supporters Network visit and click on join pti support community and fill out the form to register.


There’s a slight confusion on PTI’s official website about SMS registration number in text format mentioned 90088 meanwhile in the image below mentioned number is 80022. Now PTI members can decide where to SMS, I hope the wrong one does not lead to MQM.

PTI Membership SMS number is wrong

Join PTI Offline

Now that you know how to join PTI hurry up and make your decision to support your personal favorite party. Exercise your right to vote to save your beloved country.

Not Interested in PTI?  Join PPP or PMLN.

How To Join PPP ( Pakistan Peoples Party ) Become a Member

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