It’s not the News and Information but Independent News Coverage Pakistan – INCPak is rapidly progressing and expanding by exploring the possibilities, which are not just helping the people but empowering youth as well, moving on with the time and make sure all get to know !

INCPak ~ Voice of the people ~ we are publishing which you usually don’t get to see on the upfront the public opinions and views shared by the people generally without cut / edit we been publishing and delivering you as the best as possible, Let the people know and to judge, because we believe it is your right to know, We are making contacts with the general public, professionals and students  people from various occupations there respective views and suggestions not as a blog but directly to the world via INCPak, never before in Pakistan, ordinary person ever been able to express his views with the whole wide world, we personally welcome to all those who are willing to be part of the INCPak team or wants to share something with the world from our platform.

INCPak ~ Empowering Youth ~ we been constantly progressing technology, Tech Talks Pakistan which also now known as Tehreek e Technology Pakistan – TTP – ensures that the valuable information which should be spreaded and shared with all gets till the people and not just that we are jointly working with developers / programmers and designers to bring the best from Pakistan on the globally connected Internet.

Our Journey started from November and by now we have successfully accomplished to deliver the best of the best and keeping in mind that Pakistan’s future is all dependent on the Youth, INCPak kept its promise and made it possible which hadn’t existed before, we are encouraging everyone to join and do more for the country, soon we’ll be adding Video Stream , Audio and lot more Insha’Allah.

CEO’s Message –  It was not easy task for me but I had just because In the name of love, for the love of God, I am still learner and my strong faith taught me that   three Ds  can do a lot  determination, devotion and dedication makes all possible when I started back in 2009 via blog INCPak came in view but in 2012 November 16th 2012, I would like to Specially Thank to Rashid Sharafat ( Former Webmaster ) and Zain Hashmi ( Admin INCPak, UK )  for making all possible along with me to make INCPak gets on the web, that’s where The INCPak’s Voyage started bringing you the authentic and reliable New and Information completely Independent.

The Challenge which I accepted now I do not stand all alone, because by the graces of Almighty Allah today ( INCPak Team Members ) are doing great. My Vision INCPak and each members dedication made it possible what you are witnessing today, My journey been a long and wild rough over the years until I chosen to be what I am doing today, I know the challenges ahead lies as well but now it’s not just my battle but ours to make Pakistan aware.

Join INCPak and Share with the world, Digital Journalism still requires lot more than what it is today, people may find it strange but in next few years, all will prefer ( Digital Journalism ) the future of Journalism instead of  the electronic or Print media, because the power of the people which can seen on the Social Network, is far much stronger to make the solid Impact, It would be unfair to ignore the facts and the figures behind so why not highlight them together and the ultimate strength in is the unity !

May Allah Bless you All, Ameen


Farhan Imaan F.Abro

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Never Underestimate yourself, you really have no idea of the warrior within you – Farhan Imaan



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