KARACHI : E-Ticket System & Excise Police active these days

These days Karachi Traffic Police is active across the city almost on all main roads, E-Ticket system introduced one of the most common violation is “Not wearing Seat belt” fine of Rs 520/-

These days Shahrah-e-faisal is a hot cake for Traffic Department, If you haven’t paid motor vehicle tax, driving unregistered vehicle, Tinted Glasses, Traffic Rule Violation you’ll be fined heavily, Traffic Police fellas are even active on the alternate routes like M.A Jinnah or Korangi, Gulshan, Juhar, Nazimabad, Sadar, Baldia, Kemari and Clifton

Follow Traffic Rules, ensure that your motor vehicle tax is paid, don’t forget to wear seat belts when you’re driving and please avoid using mobile phone.

Usually we’ve seen Traffic Police in white uniform but now “Men In Black”  Uniform ACLC + Excise Police  are visible on Shahrah e faisal road checking vehicle tax challan, they are equipped with Laptop connected via internet to check the vehicle details and Motor Vehicle Tax Information,  those who haven’t paid Motor Vehicle Tax are being fined with Rs 10,000/- plus 3 days in lockup with another Rs 1000/- additional fine.


Avoid common violations 

Here are some routes where Traffic Police Fellas are active almost 12 hours 

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