Motorways are selectively closed for traffic

ISLAMABAD: National Highway Authority and Motorway Police (NHA & MP) announced that Motorways across the country will be closed for normal traffic on Thursday in support of the lockdown against the Coronavirus outbreak.

Motorways are selectively closed for traffic
Motorways are selectively closed for traffic

All motorways are being selectively closed for traffic as follows :

A) Entry of all types of public passenger vehicles.

B) Goods/oil carriers or necessary food item carriers allowed with minimum crew.

C) Private vehicles to be allowed only if two or less occupants having valid justified reason to travel.

Commuters are requested to avoid unnecessary traveling due to lockdown in the country. It is advised to call 130 helpline before leaving your home.

The total number of coronavirus cases in Pakistan has surged to 1118 with 8 deaths so far and the number keeps rising rapidly.

A lockdown has been placed across all provinces and people being urged to stay at home to try and curb the spread of COVID-19.

All malls, shopping centers, markets, restaurants and parks have been closed although grocery stores, vegetable and fruit markets and pharmacies remain open as they are basic necessities.

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