Online Jobs fraud in Pakistan – Beware !!!

On a serious note : I wanted to aware INCPak visitors and INCPak forum members about Online Jobs fraud in Pakistan – Scammers are socially active and engaging youth from free online classified site like OLX till Social media giant Facebook they are everywhere while searching I found this useful piece of information which definitely will help you understand how Online Jobs fraud works.

NOTE: Never share your personal information, email ID, Mobile contact number, never and for Allah’s sake first discuss with other people on social media about such jobs offerings. Nobody can steal your bread if it is for you ! 

Recently I been noticing scammers are active on Facebook and olx and people are sharing personal information, email ids without investigating a thing about that scammer’s fake ID, I know for a fact our youth is unemployed and they are seeking for a job almost everywhere however this post is specifically pointing out how it works and why you shouldn’t.

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Original Content :  I am just sharing this article to aware people from this growing scam in Pakistan. I have seen too many people who made handsome income from this scam but after 3-6 month every company run away by looting the money of poor masses. I just requested to all my friends to keep away from such useless and unproductive activities.

Ever heard of online jobs, CAPTHA jobs, ad clicking jobs, ad posting jobs or similar sort of other jobs that require initial registration worth thousands of rupees? If no, then you are probably not aware of one of the biggest on-going scams in the country.

But those who have heard about such jobs, and they are planning to get registration (that usually costs anywhere from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 100,000 or more) then please don’t waste your money as its a fraudand you will only end-up wasting your hard earned money.

Keep reading to know the details that how fraudsters track people.

How It works?

A company — usually a team of 2-3 persons — with an office and some official documents, such as NTN etc., advertises to local community that anyone with very basic computer knowledge can get ad clicking jobs (also called home based online jobs) with monthly salary of Rs. 10,000, Rs. 20,000 up to Rs. 100,000.

You will see a lot of pamphlets claiming that anyone with very basic computer knowledge can get ad clicking jobs (also called home based online jobs) with monthly salary of Rs. 10,000, Rs. 20,000 up to Rs. 50,000 but salary is dependent on the initial registration fee.

More upfront fee will mean higher monthly salary. Monthly salary is usually set at around 50% of your upfront registration fee.

These fraudsters even advertise in papers, have a look at following ad:


When you call them, you will come to know about registration fee, which you can pay and get started with a monthly salary.

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Here are usual registration fee structures and corresponding monthly salaries for such online jobs/adclicking jobs:

  • Registration Fee Rs. 5,000 = Monthly Salary: Rs. 2,500
  • Registration Fee Rs. 10,000 = Monthly Salary: Rs. 5,000
  • Registration Fee Rs. 15,00 = Monthly Salary: Rs. 7,500
  • Registration Fee Rs. 25,000 = Monthly Salary: Rs. 12,5000
  • Registration Fee Rs. 40,000 = Monthly Salary: Rs. 20,000
  • Registration Fee Rs. 50,000 = Monthly Salary: Rs. 25,000
  • Registration Fee Rs. 100,000 = Monthly Salary: Rs. 50,000

Not to mention, registration fee or the corresponding monthly salary for online jobs can vary from case to case.

After paying the registration fee, the company will give you an account on a website that will allow you to login and start your daily work. This work usually includes clicking on ads, entering CAPTCHAs and so on. To cut the long story short, users are asked to do dummy stuff that won’t mean much.

At the end of the month, you will get your promised salary and that will cover half of your initial investment and you can carry on with your job into second month.

During this period, especially after getting your first salary, you are going to tell about this job to all of your friends and family which will include at least 4-5 unemployed individuals who would want to do such an easy job while being at home.

Not only this, you may also think that getting another registration might double your incoming and you may end-up buying another account for yourself, with higher registration probably.

Soon, your FnF will also get themselves registered (by paying registration fee obviously) and this chain will start until the company will have hundreds of registrations coming every month.


As per estimates, here’s the supposed cash-flow situation of the company you are working with:

  • First Month: 10 Registrations (with Rs. 10,000 for each registration and Rs. 5,000 monthly salary)
    • Cash in hand: Rs. 100,000
    • Month Salaries: Rs. 50,000 (or around)
    • Cash carried forward: Rs. 50,000
  • Second Month: 20 Registrations (with Rs. 10,000 for each registration)
    • Cash in Hand: Rs. 50,000 (carried forward from previous month) + Rs. 200,000 from current month’s registrations
    • Monthly Salaries: 150,000 (30 persons)
    • Cash carried froward: Rs. 250,000-Rs. 150,000: Rs. 100,000
  • Third Month: 50 Registrations (with Rs. 10,000 for each registration)
    • Cash in Hand: Rs. 100,000 (carried forward from previous month) + Rs. 500,000 from current month’s registrations
    • Monthly Salaries: Rs. 400,000 (80 persons)
    • Cash carried forward: 600,000-400,000= Rs. 200,000
  • This goes on and on.

In this example, we assumed that registration fee is Rs. 10,000 and monthly salary is Rs. 5,000. But in reality, registration fee is set around Rs. 25,000 and salary is set around Rs. 12,500.

Now if you see, the essential part for any company to keep this business running is about getting new registrations. That’s how they will pay the salaries.

Now if you see, the essential part for any company to keep this business running is about getting new registrations. That’s how they will pay the salaries. But considering the unemployment rate in our country, and a good monthly salary for almost everyone (against a small upfront fee that can be recovered in just two months), who wouldn’t go and get the registration?

Things go amazing for everyone until one day, (usually on pay-day after 8-12 months) everybody is stunned as this internet job company is no-more there, office is vacated and there’s no sign of the company, which fled away without letting anyone know.

One day — after several months — you will be greeted with an empty office and ultimately knowing that company ran away with millions of rupees in their accounts

By this time, the fraudster company, that you had registered with had at least few million rupees in their account and they will never return back. This running away is the main ROI for fraudsters and that’s how they make money.

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Some (old customers) might have recovered their registration fee, but majority would have lost the money that had paid as registration fee.

Things to Note

  • Companies offering online jobs, ad clicking jobs, or other internet jobs are usually strangers, however, they employ local resources as front-end of the company.
  • Since such companies have to run-away one day, a local resident wouldn’t do such a job. If you see a friend operating such a company, then ask for the real-owner — who would indeed be a stranger to you (and your local friend).
  • Whatever job you do would make no money to the company. Browsing web-pages, or entering CAPTCHAs doesn’t make money. Even if your online job providers tells you so, its a lie.
  • There is no job in the world that requires initial registration fee. Anyone asking for registration fee is indeed working on above mentioned model and must be avoided.

Not to mention, this fraudulent business is flourishing throughout the country and every small/big town of the country has at least few such fraud companies working on the same model to mint people’s pocket. We urge law enforcement agencies to give due attention to this matter.

So here’s the idea: Never ever register with any company that asks for up-front registration fee for offering you online jobs. They are simply fake. If you know someone doing this, tell him/her the same. Spread the word and let everyone know.


The purpose of sharing is to aware the visitors about Online Scams, Jobs fraud in Pakistan which are happening 24/7, kindly share this with your friends and family and stay away from thugs and such stupid Jobs offering online.

Independent News Coverage Pakistan has reported various cases to National Response Centre For Cyber Crime  

InshalAllah we’ll be sharing more posts related to this topic.

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  1. What about world outsourcing company i.e online work (Smc-private).. Please i need info on urgent basis

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  4. This company Pakistan big Fake company & visa Fraud Company.
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    Already Lost 1,55,000 this company.
    5 month Before I will be discuss all process and provide total material for this company in FIA Lahore.
    My case Under process in FIA Lahore.FIA is not take action this company.
    I’m lot of time going to FIA office lahore every month 3 to 4 time.
    Why not action FIA I don’t known!

  5. Aoa, can you please suggest some trusted sites for online jobs,, so that unemployed people will be helped… Thnx..

    1. Haider there are sites like upwork, fiver, freelancers. Hopefully soon I will publish the list of all the sites where you can get online jobs.

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