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Paxi Pink Taxi – Living in a repressive and conservative society has its own drawbacks. One is faced with the stereotype norms, has to battle with taboos, and is required to sway way through continuous LOOG KIYA KHENGAY comments. But, then there is the opportunity side of the same living. Filled with opportunities, the same environment brings along chances of progressing not only in oneness but constructively and in collective for the whole of society. Advocating the right against the wrong, one gets a chance in bringing some positive change helping in changing the dynamics of the society.

One such positive change took birth in Pakistan on the 23rd of March this year. Called Paxi Pink Taxi, this one was a pure corporate idea, yet established upon something beneficial. No they had not the same capital backing like Uber or Careem and neither were they claiming to be the biggest. There was no startup boasting, as a matter of fact, they didn’t even claim uniqueness. Courage, corporate, and commitment were virtues they followed and gave Pakistan’s its first for-women by-women ride hailing service.

As I said it was not a first at all. Careem had already tried the idea of women driver, and let me add, they failed terribly (so much so that people don’t even know about it). Launching with a small fleet of hardly 15 cars in a metropolitan city like Karachi, this was no test that Paxi Pink Taxi was conducting. This was corporate suicide. You fail and you are washed away tata bye bye. Imagine the courage one small group would have needed in testing this, especially when they knew about Careem’s failure. Call it a miracle, call it blessing, call it need of time, perfect execution, sincerity, commitment, whatever you like. Today when you are reading this almost all major media outlets from print to electronic have covered the amazing venture. Not only local, Paxi Pink Taxi grabbed the attention of all major international media. As of today, the women-only fleet has multiplied while Paxi has two more services, the normal cabs, and Paxi Bike taxi. The Pink Taxi has a really cool user friendly mobile on both, apple and android and can now be reached upon from any part of the city. Oh, btw, make sure you are booking one way ahead in time, they are crowded and yet the demand keeps on getting high and high.

There has been so much talked and written about the service already that penning something about them feels like monotonous. But there is always something left and when you are tackling a taboo in a patriarchal society, Paxi Pink Taxi would always have something to write and talk about.

I personally was impressed by their newly launched mobile app. Unlike Uber and Careem (I have nothing against them) Paxi was able to work upon with colors. And while one does not really care about these minor details, the sight is always pleasant. What is more impressing is the fact that the app does not disappoint you with crashes or glitches. So should there been any? Obviously NO. Careem and Uber don’t crash, but hey remember they are giants, and have done this like a hundred times over and over again. Paxi was a small group and there demand, given their media publicity and limited fleet, really keeps them on the edge. A moment of imbalance and the fall is terrifying. And yet, they have managed to pull it off like professionals. Hopefully they will keep on doing so.

One more thing that I believe Paxi has helped in changing is the idea about female drivers. The general feel about women driver in Pakistan is that they are immature, careless, and at times really irritating. Changing it all, Paxi has helped in not only letting people know that women can drive, rather drive like a master. The pink branding on a car is no more a symbol of ease and comfort; it in fact has become a message of equality. These guys have done something amazing and herculean. So, all the best to this bunch of beautiful people who are heading to all more glory and nothing less.

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