PTCL Smart Tv, Cable Tv or Android Tv Box Review !

Everyone wants to watch High Definition Streaming quality and existing options available are PTCL Smart Tv box & App, Cable Tv, DishTv, Free to Air channels or Android Tv box.

we took a survey on INCPak Forum just to find out How much Pakistanis are paying monthly for Cable Tv? surprisingly Lahore and Islamabad turns out having the most expensive Cable Tv operators so far.

PEMRA has not assigned any tariff and it is upto the cable operators to charge according to the locality, according to our survey 85% of the pakistanis are paying Rs.250 to Rs.300 for a normal cable tv service whereas Digital HD cable charges are above Rs.1000/-

PTCL Smart Tv

PTCL Smart Tv is one of the best and reliable option available with VoD “Video On Demand” option, PTCL phone and broadband users can subscribe to it and monthly charges Rs.499/- will be added to your PTCL bill however if you have 4mb unlimited broadband connection you don’t need to pay Rs.499/- only for the Smart Tv device Rs.4999/- one time or you can make it monthly Rs.299/- for 24 months. PTCL smart Tv channels listing available here. we’ve also shared PTCL Modem configuration for PTCL Smart Tv app on your laptop and Smartphones.

Dish antenna option is available like DishTv, AsiaSat, PakSat, etc.. but for each one you require different LNB and might have to get separate Dish antenna for HD streaming channels, certainly the cost varies from Rs.5000/- to Rs.15,000/- depending on how many satellites you want to receive but than again limited channels as Free To Air (FTA) and paid ones will charge you monthly/quaterly package plans.

Alternate options were discussed, these days on social media lots of shopping sites are offering Android Tv boxes which seems combo deal (Free Tv channels + Android Device) can be used for all other purposes like Youtube, Facebook, Browsing and Downloading turning your normal Television/LCD/LED into a Tablet without SIM card. Although One time Charges of buying Android Tv Box varies from Rs.4500/- to Rs.10500/- depending on Android version, RAM, Storage Space and input/output options after which all you need is 4mb or above Unlimited Bandwidth Internet connectivity.

H96 Ultra HD Tv Box - The most powerful Android Tv Box
H96 Ultra HD Tv Box – The most powerful Android Tv Box

Limited Volume Internet connection is not advised at all since HD streaming requires fast & unlimited bandwidth only options available are PTCL, StormFibre, Fibrelink,Wateen,WorldCall,Connect and local Cable net providers. almost all the wireless internet available in pakistan have the limited bundles so these are highly not recommended for Android Tv box HD Channels streaming on your LED TV screens.

You need to be little bit technical when it comes to Android Tv box obviously it is like using a tablet on your TV. Live Tv Net app provides 200+ Pakistani,Indian,French,Afghan,Bangali, UK channels, also there’s Pocket Tv and Kodi available with over 7500+ channels.

Those of you have Smart Tv at home, you don’t need to buy Android Tv Box just download the Live Tv app from the link below and enjoy free HD streaming channels.

APK file available download and Install

Feel free to join INCPak Forum on Facebook and discuss about the available options or leave your comments here for other visitors so they can interact with you and share their experience, so far I think – PTCL Smart Tv is the best option available for the family doesn’t require to be technical at all or if you happens to be a person who likes extra features and extra options go for Android Tv box.

For Android Tv Box : It’s better to get the best available option instead of compromising on RAM and Storage. We’ll be sharing Android Tv Boxes reviews shortly.


  1. One question. Can we use smart tv box as digital tv box or not. Because i have installed stormfiber tv services for which they charged me 4000 rupee . Now they say you have to buy digital box which cost 4000 even more for HD channels. So i wonder if i can buy smart tv box powered by android os. Can i user as digital box or not. I do not want to pay 4000 for storm fiber digital box.

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