Salat – The second Pillar of Islam

Salat being the best form of worship is very much appreciated by Allah. When a believer with his sincere heart bows down before His Creator, he forgets every charm of the world around him just for the lover of Allah.

Allah has made prayers (Salat) obligatory for five times every day. It had been mentioned at seven hundred places in Holy Quran regarding establishment if prayers

“No doubt prayers stop from bad things and obscenity.”

Salat – The second Pillar of Islam

Prayer is the second pillar of Islam/religion. Prayers plays a role of a pillar of a building on which stands its structure. The building cannot be erected without the support of pillars. Similarly the structure of religion cannot sustain unless it is supported by prayers. A Muslim who does not offer the prayers causes to demolish the structure of religion and the person who deliberately leave prayers become more or less infidels because refusal to offer prayers is an act of infidelity. “Establish prayers and do not be one with Polytheists.”

Another place Holy Prophet (SAW) said “ between a bondsman and infidelity is the act of leaving prayers.”

Holy Prophet (SAW) said “The foundation of religion is to bow in obedience before Allah and His Prophet (SAW) and the pillar of this building is prayers. “

Salat – The second Pillar of Islam


1)righteousness (Taqwa)

2) Nearness to Allah

3) Cleanliness

4) Punctuality

5) Obedience of leader (Imam)

6) Equality

7) Self Control

8) Mutual affection

9) Spirit of Assembling

One has to be very careful about one’s Salat, if Salat is not accepted none of his virtues will be counted on the Day of Judgment. Salah is the Ascension of a believer.

Prophet (s.a.w) said “The coolness of my eyes lies in Salat” 

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