Yo Yo Honey Singh ‘s Controversial song against God, turns Muslims angry

 The recreation of classic Sufi Song “Mast Kalander” sung by Yo Yo Honey Singh and Mika Singh (Brothers For Life), Read Dama Dam Mast Kalandar turns out to be controversial  and Anti-God ( Allah ) .

Song Title: Mast Kalander
Singers: Mika Singh, Yo Yo Honey Singh
Mixing & Mastering: Vinod Verma
Original Poetry by: Amir Khusro / Bulleh Shah
New Lyrics/Rap: Yo Yo Honey Singh
Music Label: Times Music


Those of you hasn’t noticed till now what’s in the lyrics here’s the portion of the lyrics , read it yourself

Yo Yo Honey Singh


The reaction noticed on social network Facebook where majority of Muslims angerly reacted in their comments , here are few

Syeda Samreen Fatima  says :-

plz apny doston aur dusry logo ko send kro ky  honey singh ky songs band karwao us kaminy,khabees ne Allah Tallah ki behurmati ki hain usne mast kalandar wale song banaya hai jis mei us ne kaha hai ky “mara atish tu mera dushman tu ais kafir di auqat bhi tu Allah hu’ plz allah k liye send kro Allah ky bando …. aur us kafir ko sabaq sikhao..lanat ho us par…!

Taimur Israr Ayoubi  Says :-  Dear its bad for our religion ( islam ) There are some bad words against our God

while the non Muslims listeners appreciated the song ignoring like there’s nothing wrong.

Ashu King Sharma · says :-  Awesome, legendary

Mahi Kashyap   –  Says :- awesome song and lovely rap by my love YO! YO! honey singh…… ♥ ♥


No Artist has a right to go against any religion and against God specially like this. Music is entertaining, no artist should use this tool anti religion, The Muslims those who understand has requested listeners not to listen ( BAN  THIS SONG )

However, huge majority don’t pay attention on lyrics but awareness makes the difference now you know.

Share your views in comments, we would like to know what do you think about it..


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  1. Very firstly its not a song it’s a sufi kalam by Ameer Khusro which was later adapted and modified by almost 17 singers and poets, secondly it has nothing to relate with the Almighty Allah, as the kalam was a tribute to revered Sufi Saint of Sindh, Shahbaz Qalandar of Sehwan Sharif and later Hindu Sikhs added verses in praise of Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalandar.
    The Sufism elaborates the lyrics “Mera ashiq tu mera dushman tu” as how the writer praises the saint’s quality and renders him as his beloved and how he similarly states tht his qualities are superior than his own and better in every way so thus he is envous to him too

    Similarly ” Is kaafir di auqat vi tu” is clear symbolic representation of writer’s own self where he states that he has no other authentication or postion of himself but only by the name of the Saint as he is his follower.

    I’m not at all a fan of Honey singh but being someone of little sense i do regret people blaming or accusing someone without knocking a little of knowledge or sense about the topic they speak about.

    1. Dear Ms.Choudhry ,
      The actual poetry Mera Ishq vi tu , mera yaar vi tu is by Baba Fareed sung by Pathanay Khan, I am the one with the little knowledge whom you referred so
      I thought I should make myself clear in front of A person with Massive knowledge.

      There’s a rule WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET , hope that clears you that people aren’t interested in indirectly knowing wow gosh never heard any idiot breaking bones of sufi’s
      written poetry like this, I don’t like honey bunny personally he has no sense of music but to get fame such musicians can even sell their soul to the devil.

      Now to you . If you want to make a point clear to the masses, INCPak platform gives you space not only to share your comment but share your point so other gets to know, share you
      knowledge email me at incpak@gmail.com .

      There is no contradiction between us.

      1. I respect your thoughts brother, but again my point stands there that the sufi kalam has not been changed and is sung the very same way as it was written, people may or may not be interested in knowing depths of a subject but that doesnt change the reality or authenticity of a fact.

        People clearly have a right to rebel or oppose to a particular thing but only if its thoroughly learned and acknowledged by them.

  2. Assalaam walaikum,

    Sabse pehle gaane sunna bandh karo q ki music haram hai Aap rasool sallahoo alaihi wassalam ne music ko na pasandh karte the toh q nai karte jo unse Mohabbat ka dawa karte hai. Sare gaane music movies sabhi ko bandh karo Allah ko raazi karne ke liye.

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