Turkey unveils electric cars prototype to be domestically made

Erdogan unveiling the Turkish made vehicles.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the ceremony in Gebze, unvieled the prototypes of electric cars that will be domestically produced. It is said to be a long held dream of the president to build Turkey’s own automobile. The electric cars by Turkey are said to be on road in three years.

The unveil ceremony for the electric vehicles at Gebze, Turkey.

The electric cars are said to launch in three years and president Erdogan unveiled the SUV and sedan models of the cars which are for now called TOGG named after the consortium of companies that will be making them.

President Erdogan at the ceremony said:

We are witnessing a historic day, realizing a 60-year dream,

I know that our people is impatiently waiting for the day they can own this car.

President Erdogan test driving the electric vehicle.

President Erdogan test drove the car and even offered to put his name down on possible list for pre-orders for the electric car..

The Turkish made electric cars are being produced by the cooperation with the Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges together with the consortium of five Turkish companies called the Automobile Initiative Group of Turkey, or TOGG.

One of the cars showcased at the ceremony.

An Italian design company by the name Pininfarina is behind the design of the electric car and various models according to Turkish media. The design company is said to have designed models even for Ferrari.

According to president Erdogan, a factory will be built on previously own military land and will be completed by 2021 and is said to employ around 4300 people to make the Turkish electric cars.

President Erdogan test drove the car.

Turkey has attempted to make cars before too in the 1960s called Devrim but the project was abandoned. Now this is the second attempt and this time Turkey has gone with electric cars.

Turkey currently has a huge manufacturing sector for cars but those are mostly subsidiaries of international car makers like Toyota and Ford.

President Erdogan said:

Turkey has become a country which is not only a market for new technologies but also a country which develops, produces and exports them to the world

The models unveiled on Friday are said to have a mileage of 500 kilometers or 300 miles and Turkey plans to release at lesat 5 models of these electric cars in a period of 5 years.

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