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Independent News Coverage Pakistan
Independent News Coverage Pakistan

Independent News Coverage Pakistan unlike any other news source speaks your issues and problems, spreads awareness and makes Pakistan strong. It was our vision and my dream to unite Pakistanis on one platform and make them share their issues which we all face daily in Pakistan. The media has proven that they neither speak our issues nor represent us, so why not WE together make our voice heard ! The voice of the people, contributors are welcomed, simply those who understand the value of freedom of speech.

We are a totally non political & non government, Independent organization, based on the ideology of being Pakistani and nothing else. We raise those issues which the media ignores. We speak and make the world hear us. It’s cyber age where social media versus electronic media, why sit silent? when our voice can be heard in different corners. Don’t wait for the change but be the change, United we Stand , Divided we Fall !

Join INCPak and become a member by being a passionate contributor,. If you think you can represent issues and highlight problems,then INCPak is the right place to be. Support INCPak , Allah knows that We are all equal before him. We felt the need of it and We stood and waited for a team today, by the graces of Almighty Allah we are working as a team and yet its getting bigger and stronger.

Visit INCPak  and share along. We am totally against our sick media which portrays the total opposite image of Pakistan. They have millions and billions of revenue being generated from their entertainment, so we have Allah , who’s The Greatest Asset a human who walks this earth can have from the time of Adam(pbuh). It may sound odd, but with time you and I will witness how we shape and make  our Pakistan better together.

Tech Talk Forum, The Ultimate place to discuss technology, Bringing Sharing is Caring page on Facebook to a place where all members share and discuss mobile solutions. Now its linked with INCPak site, expanding the possibilities of discussion (sharing and caring) now Tech Talk has taken its place place.

We INCPak seek for the better, united and prosper Pakistan. Your support help us achieve our people as you are the citizens of this motherland. Now its time for you to talk and share because you’re the voice.

We have no doubt those who are in favor of our motherland Pakistan will stand along with INCPAK, not just to promote but to leave behind a Pakistan favored by the generation ahead.

At this moment we are at the very beginning of our journey of launching INCPAK into the World Wide Web.

Forum and writers opinion, Editorial sections are active, your support will prove how much Pakistan means to us.

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May Allah bless you all.


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    When I was flashing S4 rom for a8 it stuck on finishing…

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