Ali Zafar releases song on how to fight coronavirus: Ko ko Corona

Ali Zafar has released a song on how to fight coronavirus, the song is called Ko Ko Corona.

Ali Zafar a renowned Pakistani singer, music composer and actor has shared his video on social media.

Through his song, he has tried to convey the message and raise awareness of the deadly coronavirus in a light way.

Ali Zafar releases song Ko ko Corona

Ali Zafar in the video has given a message that at present the world is facing a crisis that we must fight together.

He goes on to say how to fight, let me tell you.

Through his song he has said, the virus which may be seen not harmful, in actual is a devil. It is all around us and it is not nonsense. “Ko Ko Korona” Wash your hands.

Maybe a time comes when coming in contact you may get panicked and the virus catches you.

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Rush to your doctor then.

Instead of shaking hands just say hello from a distance.

Read about all the protective measures.

Do not go in the crowd, stay indoors.

Inform everyone about it and fight it together.

Do not ignore it nor try to get over smart. Listen to what brother is saying.

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The coronavirus has attacked the entire world killing many.

The song is well written, especially the message and concern behind it appreciable.

In the time of crisis and panic, let’s all stay strong and protect everyone around us.

Take care of your hygiene and avoid going out unnecessary.

Keep yourself away from the virus and as a responsible citizen do not try to harm anyone around us.

Visit your doctor in case you notice any symptoms.

Stay safe !!

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