The Milestones is back with a new song Socha Na Tha [Video]

The Milestones. It’s definitely one of the more interesting reunions we’ve heard about.Unarguably the most sought after pop band from the 90s The Milestones  have been in the list of on-hiatus bands since it’s disbanding in 1995 . The band’s front man Ziyyad Gulzar through two decades has been an active musicians with his electro-synth outfit Rushk , while Ali Tim surges every few years with projects of his signature style . Candy the lead vocalist is however still MIA .

The new Milestones project brings in an integral and original band member Samar on keyboards Samar’s association with the ‘Stones goes back to its early days . Irfan Charlie on drums is a great choice for the revamp  project as he is an authentic  and sturdy player also associated with prog-metal band Mizraab .Lastly , filling in for the vocals is a talented singer Roop Ali . She is a fashionista and carries the voice to match the classic pop/rock style of her new association with the legendary band.

Back in 2013, The remake video of the song PYAS was shared on INCPak.

Socha Na Tha – Video

.”Socha Na Tha “, the first track from  The Milestones is already rising on the internet , slowly but surely . It is an absolute treat for the fans who crave to listen to The Milestone’s unique sound .The video too is a visual treat . The band seems to be enjoying a trip in the video,  a surrounding that’s unique reminiscing of some remote era with a modern touch .


The Milestones
Roop Ali : Vocals
Samar : Keyboards
Charlie : Drums
Ziyyad : Lead guitars
Ali Tim : Bass
Facebook Official Page : The Milestones
Sound Cloud              :  The Milestones

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