Remembering George Michael

Just the other day after Christmas, a very shocking and devastating news of George Michael’s dismissal made me sad, An amazing person, creative Singer, Songwriter and a philanthropist departs from this world leaving his Songs as his legacy behind for his fans.

Love balladwas a smash hit “Careless Whisper” is a perfect blended cocktail for the one with a broken heart and “Last Christmas” gave the hope to carry on with someone special – As George Michael was a versatile musician throughout his career, he had the ability to understand and express very intensely – Some might like him for his funky pop  tracks like “Monkey” but others definitely cannot forget “Freedom” and nailing motivational track of that era. “Faith” is exceptional one.

Different Corners and Kissing a fool – were no less than an earthquake for me absolutely amazing but he defined my story in “Father Figure” the only sacred track which I listen when I am alone but “Praying for a time” still makes me cry… do we have time? Do you think we have time? God, I am speechless….

George Michael knew very well how to perform on stage, In Queen’s Tribute Concert “Somebody to Love” original track by Queen – George gave a brilliant performance and amazed everyone, believe or not that song is echoing in my ears the way he performed simply amazing.


In 1995 – Me the poor boy blues happens to get my first ever Disc Man and the Compact Disc was damn expensive but saw half visible face of George Michael on the cover of Older Album made me restless, not to take my hands off it at store – I confess that I swallowed entire album inside, as a kid I slept with Disc Man wired plugged my ears listening to George Michael even if I had to wake up next morning for the school used to take my disc man along with me. I know every chord every single inch of that album :)


Older Album – Not only helped me understand life from the start  “Jesus to a child” till “You have been loved, In that album I can definitely say he experienced life way deeper than I can explain, these weren’t only tracks but a lesson and a message for those who’ve been seeking answers of all the questions left Question Mark on their lives. Title track Older defined how exactly he himself was feeling in those days and Fast Love explained the future clearly which we are witnessing today and “Strangest thing” pulled out the coward me from myself. George Inspired me all the way that I started writing and expressing he became one of the reason to express inner thoughts with the world outside.

In 1996 – MTV unplugged George Michael refined his own tracks – Such a Brilliant performance all the way with zero error this man had the full command over his vocals and chords, simply blew my off my brains.

He faced some troubled times while pursuing a case with SONY MUSIC almost left with nothing but his jaguar, in 1999 he came up with Jazzy album “Songs from the last century” he shared the most difficult tunes, pretty hard to digest if you happen to be funky pop music lover who remember George from the 80s.

His last studio album came in 2004  called “Patience” I am still wondering was he preaching or making music, A master piece filled with rich music and lessons to learn like he always shared. Not many people know he was very generous person – helped others not knowing them personally, after his death – People are remembering and sharing the stories his Act of kindness, perhaps I was certainly aware of his nature because he sang his life in his songs, guess his track Jesus to a child he shared way back in 1995 but never shared publicly.

“Sadness in my eyes
No one guessed, well no one tried
You smiled at me
Like jesus to a child
Loveless and cold
With your last breath you saved my soul
You smiled at me
Like jesus to a child  “ – Jesus to a child, Older album 1995

George Michael


George Michael was an amazing person no doubt about it, It is very sad that we’ve lost one of the great musician 2016 took David Bowie in January and in December we lost George Michael, on a ending note – listen to his tracks and you’ll know the battle person fights within himself just for the sake of others happiness to teach them a lesson and to guide them through the darkest hours.


Thank you George for all the wonder music, these songs will continue to keep you alive in our hearts.

Rest In Peace.


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