A judicial inquiry into self-immolation case outside PM House

ISLAMABAD: A man identified as Faisal Mehmood s/o Fazal Hussain committed self-immolation outside PM House on Friday. PM Imran Khan took immediate notice of the incident and a judicial inquire into the matter has been initiated.

The authorities have said Faisal set himself on fire outside Gate No. 2 of the PM House. A letter for the premier was found on him.

The man who committed self-immolation is a resident of Murree’s Pirwadhai locality. Faisal was immediately shifted to PIMS hospital but he could not be saved.

What did the letter say

Faisal Mehmood in his letter has appealed for an inquiry to be initiated against a politician named Jawad Abbas. The deceased victim also said in his letter that Jawad Abbas had booked him in a case of possessing 20 liters of alcohol.

Previous cases against Faisal Mehmood

According to Rawalpindi police the man who committed self-immolation, Faisal Mehmood s/o Fazal Hussain was previously booked in 2019.

He was booked on September 19, 2019, in the attempted rape of a minor girl (nine-year-old girl). In December 2019 he was declared an absconder.

The Rawalpindi Police also clarified that there was no case of liquor possession registered against him in Pirwadhai Police Station.

It is also being notified that the man was mentally disturbed and a drug addict.

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Judicial Inquiry

Prime Minister taking immediate notice of the incident directed the Islamabad Chief Commissioner Amer Ali Ahmad to initiate a judicial inquiry over the matter.

The Islamabad Chief Commissioner Amer Ali Ahmad has said the probe will be completed in 48 hours and a report will be submitted to the PM.

Deputy Commissioner Islamabad, Mr. Muhammad Hamza Shafqaat has been now asked to conduct a Judicial Inquiry into the matter of self-immolation of Faisal Mehmood. He has been asked to submit a report with clear findings and recommendations after evaluating all the records and evidence connecting with the incident within 48 hours.

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