Motorway rape suspect Abid Ali explains how he evaded capture

The prime suspect in the Lahore motorway gang rape case, Abid Ali, revealed details about the heinous crime he committed and explained how he managed to evade the police for almost a month before finally getting arrested.

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Motorway suspect Abid Ali explains how he evaded capture

According to Abid Ali, he spent the last month traveling throughout Punjab using public transport while wearing a mask which helped him to avoid getting recognized by police.

The prime suspect travelled to Nankana Sahib after raping the woman at Lahore motorway while his accomplice, Shafqat, escaped to Dipalpur. However, Ali was forced to contact his wife once he ran out of money.

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According to the suspect, he along with Shafqat and Bala Mistri went to the motorway to commit robberies near Koral village but Mistri turned around and did not proceed with the duo.

Abid Ali and Shafqat were able to rob at least a few truck drivers near the village before they noticed the car’s flashing parking lights on the motorway.

Upon reaching the car and noticing the woman, Ali asked her to get out of the vehicle but when she refused, he broke the window and dragged her out while robbing her of all valuables.

He proceeded to order her to get off the motorway but when she refused, Abid Ali along with Shafqat dragged the children down the motorway and their mother followed to protect them at which point they gang raped the lady.

Abid Ali sent to jail on 14-day remand

The prime suspect of the Lahore motorway gang rape incident, Abid Ali has been sent to jail on a 14-day remand after being presented before the court on Tuesday.

Rs. 5 Million reward for Punjab IG team

Chief Minister Punjab has announced a Rs. 5 million reward for the provincial police chief and his team for investigating and arresting the prime suspect in the Lahore motorway case.

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