Abu Sufyan Mehsud is Trending On Twitter

Abu Sufyan Mehsud Qabailistani real name Naseeb-ur-Rahman Mehsood a very well-known worker of JUI and a founding member of Qabailistan Tahaffuz Movement according to the sources. after his arrest and disappearance, #abusufyanmehsud is on top trending of twitter.

Abu Sufyan Mehsud
Abu Sufyan Mehsud

After the raid on his house last night Abu Sufyan is missing and he is not brought in the court and after the arrest, he is still missing until now.

Abu Sufyan is papular for the love with the Pakistani flag and raising voice for the missing peoples on social media and raising voice for the missing persons through the other ways.

He is a country lover and always shares his photos with the Pakistani flag. People are demanding his release. They demand if he is guilty then he brought him in the court and let the court decide what to do with him.

Demanding Release Abu Sufyan Mehsud

Some people are telling that they still don’t know the reason for the arrest of Abu Sufyan.


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