Action taken against those involved in rape of kitten

LAHORE: A story has been making rounds on the internet about the rape of a kitten that took place in Lahore by a group of teenagers. The kitten reportedly died as a result of injuries having suffered multiple crushed organs.

kitten rape, action taken, lahore
Action taken against suspects involved in rape of kitten.

The story was initially shared by JFK Animal Rescue and Shelter on Facebook with details to the entire incident revealing that the kitten was in so much pain as a result of the tragic abuse that the poor soul couldn’t sit, walk, eat or sleep.

According to the Facebook post, the mother of one of the teenagers involved was approached by authorities but she denied her son having done anything.

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Is Kitten rape incident fake?

Although, many reports have been circulating calling the incident fake and a made up story claiming that the kitten died due to internal infections and not rape.

Action taken, says Deputy Commissioner Islamabad

However, Deputy Commissioner Islamabad says that action has been taken in this regard. He mentions that the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), police and the Administration have worked together regarding the issue.

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