Honor Killing: Afsana gets Karo Kari threats after being raped in mosque

SINDH: Eleven year old Afsana was raped in a mosque and now she is being threatened with Karo Kari aterm used for Honor Killing.

After knowing the ordeal of little girl, the public had showed their anger and distress over social media. Twitter started trending with Justice for Afsana.

She was raped two to three times by her religious teacher. She had gone to the mosque to learn Quran in a mosque in Pano Aqil, Sukkur District.

A video of Afsan was also shared on twitter where the little girl is trying to explain what had happened. She said the teacher first put his hand on her mouth than on got her by her arm. She also said the teacher shut the windows and the door.

The father and daughter were also seen holding each other and crying while explaining their ordeal.

The father gave the name of the rapist, he is Imam Shafqat Samejo. He explained his daughter was sexually assaulted two to three times.

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Rapist Imam Arrested

After carrying out the investigation, the Sukkur Police had arrested the accused Imam Shafqat Samejo.

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Shireen Mazari, Federal Minister for Human Rights, had also tweeted to inform the arrest of the rapist Imam. Her tweet said: ” Sukkur police informed that an FIR has been registered FIR No. 50/2019 against Maulvi Shafqat Samejo under Section 376 PPC (rape) at PS Baiji.
Investigation ongoing. We will ensure #JusticeForAfsana But we must change mindsets also to prevent such horrendous crimes happening. “

Afsana Getting Threats of Karo Kari

Even though the Imam Shafqat Samejo was arrested it is being reported that the family is being threatened with Karo Kari (Honor Killing). It is also believed the family has been beaten up as well. Here are few tweets highlighting the torment the family of Afsana facing.

4 rape cases in Panu Aqil previously. Only Afsana’s father came forward placing his hope in the Justice system. He is now being threatened with Karokari. Will the political leadership step in to support these people standing up for their dignity and rights? #JusticeforAfsana

Have been informed that the family has been beaten and advised to “drop the case”. So tell me are we going to support or abandon this 10t old little girl? Which politician will come upfront and help her? @SCSWPK@SindhCMHouse@sindhpolicedmc@RabiyaJaveri

Reaction on social media

After the threats of Karo Kari there is another reacting growing on social media.

Afsana, another rape victim is facing hardships while seeking for justice….
Once again justice seems vanished between powerful and powerless citizen..….

Say no to this criminal justice system!#JusticeForAfsana

criminals should be brought to true justice and same for Afsana

Please speak up 4 children who have been raped. #JusticeForAfsana is important. Because children from these low income poverty struck homes have no access 2 justice, mental health care, post trauma care, neither do their parents have guidance. Their worlds are shattered brutally!


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