Arrest Price Mafia starts trending on Twitter – #ArrestPriceMafia

Arrest Price Mafia as the hashtag #ArrestPriceMafia started to trend on Twitter today late afternoon. People came out to Twitter today after the recent wheat crisis where prices of flour has risen by Rs. 250 and is selling for around Rs. 700. This is mainly due to shortage of flour in the market.

Arrest Price Mafia #ArrestPriceMafia Wheat Crisis PTI Government
Arrest Price Mafia trending on Twitter.

Government has said that the main reason behind this is that flour is being held and sold at exorbitant rates resulting in increase in price. Prime Minister Imran Khan has even launched a “grand operation” into the matter and has instructed that anyone found to hoarding wheat and selling it at exorbitant rates to be punished and their warehouses to be sealed.

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The Railway Minister’s excuse on the other hand was different and he said in an interview to reporters that the price increase and shortage was due to the fact that people eat more bread in the months of November and December and said that “it’s not a joke” and “study” backs his claim.

People on Twitter are blaming either current government of PTI, the former governments of PML-N and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and even people behind these business only caring about their profits.

Although this isn’t the only reason people have come out to twitter. People are now speaking up against the overall inflation in the country with prices for everything being increased almost every other month including Gas/Electricity, fuel, fruits and vegetables and even sugar.

Life for the poor has become extremely difficult with price increases for these basic necessities urging people to come out and speak up against the matter and urging government to take action against those responsible.

Here are some of the tweets with the hashtag #ArrestPriceMafia.

Arrest Price Mafia trending on Twitter.
Arrest Price Mafia trending on Twitter.

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