I asked a question, deserve an answer, says Nawaz

ISLAMABAD: Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif said on Monday that he is not the first one to have accepted these facts.

He was referring to his recent statement in an interview regarding role of Pakistan-based non-state actors in the Mumbai attacks.

“I had asked a question. I need an answer,” Nawaz said while interacting with reporters inside the accountability court hearing corruption cases against him.

Nawaz Sharif has Killed Many Birds With One Stone With His Statement

The three-time prime minister deplored that this is the reason the world does not hear Pakistan’s stance and stated that it is important to ask why that is.

Nawaz regretted that those who ask questions are being termed traitors in the media. “He who conducted atomic tests is being called a traitor,” said the former premier.

“Will speak the truth no matter what the consequences,” he said, and then read his statement from the interview from his mobile phone to reinforce his point.

Nawaz added that the armed forces, civilians and police have given tremendous sacrifices.

Nawaz’s remarks on the controversy do not conform to the stance taken by his party, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, whose president and Nawaz’s brother Shehbaz Sharif said on Sunday that the party “rejects all claims made in the report, be they direct or indirect”.

“The remarks in Dawn’s report, attributed to PML-N’s Quaid Nawaz Sharif in a wrong manner, are not representative of the party policy,” said Shehbaz, also the chief minister of Punjab.

Nawaz Sharif has admitted the terrorists who carried out the 26/11 attacks came from Pakistan

“We fully believe that the interests of Pakistan are on a priority higher than any personal and political ones,” he said on Twitter.

“Pakistan’s national interests can and will never be compromised!”

At present, a meeting of the National Security Committee is under way, on the ‘suggestion’ of the army, to discuss the controversial statement.

Source Geo News

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