PM Imran Khan Urges To Take Part in Asset Declaration Scheme

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the nation on Monday morning and urged the people to take part in the Asset Declaration Scheme.

Addressing the nation he said the debt of the nation has increased from six thousand billion to ten thousand billion in ten years.

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He also said that the country collects only four thousand billion in taxes annually.

Half of the tax collected which is two thousand billion is wasted paying the installments against the debt.

The country cannot fulfill its needs from the remaining two thousand billion.

Unfortunately Pakistan is among those nations that collects the least amount in taxes.

But Pakistan is among the top four countries that gives in charities and donations.

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Pakistanis are very talented and skilled people, with passion and dedication this country can easily collect ten thousand billion in taxes annually.

Taking the nation in confidence PM Imran Khan urged every one to come and take part in the Asset Declaration Schem.

He also said we need to bring change within ourselves. If we do not pay the taxes we cannot raise this country.

Quoting the Holy Quran he also said,

Allah has said in the Holy Quran that I cannot change any nation unless it wants to change itself.

PM Imran Khan urged all Pakistanis to come forward and declare all assets including benami (unnamed) accounts, benami (unnamed) assets within the country as well as abroad. The public should benefit from the asset declaration/amnesty scheme.

He also said his government has all the data and information on the property and bank accounts of people in and out of the country. No other government ever had such information.

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He also said his agencies also have the information on benami accounts and benami properties.

The last date for asset declaration is 30 June 2019. After this due date there will be no chance of asset declaration.

The PM has urged the people to participate in The Asset Declaration Scheme and take part in uplifting this nation and secure the future of the children.

PM Imran Khan Urges To Take Part in Asset Declaration Scheme: Televised Address

Public anonymous assets show up until 30th June and will not get the opportunity, PM’s message * ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan said in the name of the nation, the public will not get the opportunity to show the anonymous assets and accounts until 30th June.

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