Imran Akbar held in UAE jail for protesting as Modi gets UAE highest award

UAE: Imran Akbar is being held in UAE jail as he recorded his protest on social media against the UAE government’s decision to honor Narendra Modi with the highest civilian award “Order of Zayed” on August 24, 2019.

Imran Akbar is a resident of Rawalkot (Azad Kashmir). He was arrested from his residence in UAE.

He had been missing for a few months. Now it has been disclosed that he is being kept in Al-Wathba jail in UAE. He is being prosecuted under case number 6129.

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Letter of mother

Imran Akbar’s mother has written to President Azad Jammu and Kashmir requesting the release of her son.

Nargis Begum, mother of Imran Akbar has written explaining the detail of arrest. She states “My son Imran Akbar s/o Syed Akbar is residing in Abu Dhabi for the last ten years. He has been working in a private company in Abu Dhabi.

Recently when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited UAE, the UAE government decided to honor him with the highest civilian award.

As a Kashmiri, Imran Akbar recorded his protest on social media by saying Indian PM is openly killing Muslims of Kashmir and the UAE Government is honoring him with the highest civilian award.

The UAE police taking immediate action arrested my son. For three months it was not known where he was kept by the police.

It has only been a few days that I have come to know he is being kept in Wasba jail in UAE under case number 6129.

Therefore I request my son be released from the UAE jail.”

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Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & HRD

The case is however already in the attention of the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & HRD. The ministry has also replied to the tweet to inform the case is in the notice of SAPM as well. They have assured to resolve the case at earliest.

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