Neelum Valley Avalanche: 59 people dead and many injured

Azad Kashmir: Neelum Valley is hit by snowstorm and avalanche killing at least 59 people and injuring many.

Over fifteen villages of Nellum valley of Azad Kashmir have been affected by the snowstorm and avalanche.

It is reported ten people are missing in the avalanche.

Prime Minister Azad Kashmir Raja Farooq Haider said in a statement 61 people were killed and many went missing in Azad Kashmir.

As per details received the PM Raja Farooq Haider said:

  • Fifty-nine people were killed in Neelum Valley
  • One person, each killed in Kotli, Rawalkot and Sandhuti
  • Fifty-six houses are completely destroyed

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Rescue Work

  • Rescue work is underway. The Azad Kashmir administration is working in collaboration with the Pakistan Army.
  • Helicopters are being used to locate the missing persons.
  • Tents and basic amenities have been dispatched for the affectees.

Despite heavy snow and frost Pakistan Army is busy with rescue work and at the same time facing the enemy.

The recent wave of chilly weather has claimed 27 deaths in different parts of Pakistan. Fourteen people have died in Balochistan and many key routes and air links were suspended.

Relief Disaster Management & Civil Defence

Relief Disaster Management & Civil Defence, State Disaster Management Authority GoAJK, Muzaffarabad has issued its response measures. It states immediate response be carries out with the coordination of Administration/DDMA’s, 12 Division Murree, and other relevant departments.

The rescue and search operation is going on with help of Rescue 1122, Pakistan Army and local people.

NHA, C&W for debris and road clearance.

Relief items dispatched to the affectees.

State emergency desk established

Detail of Loss and Damage

  • Muzaffarabad – 7 houses partially damaged
  • Neelum – 59 dead, 53 injured, 52 houses fully damaged, 80 houses partially damaged, 17 shops damaged, 1 mosque completely damaged, 7 vehicles LTV destroyed, 3 motorcycles destroyed
  • Jehlum Valley – 3 houses fully damaged
  • Rawalakot – 1 person dead, 1 house fully damaged
  • Sudhnoti – 1 person dead, 1 house fully damaged
  • Kotli – 1 person dead, 1 house fully damaged

Missing People

  • 10 missing in Surgan Bakwali District Neelum
  • 18 missing in Surgan Seri District Neelum

Blocked Roads

  • Neelum – Neelum Valley Road
  • Bagh – Bagh to Chikar Road, Bagh to Lasdana Road
  • Jhelum – Leepa Valley Road
  • Haveli – Mehmood Gali to Abbaspur, Haji Peer

Injured people are shifted to the army and the local hospital.

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