Balochistan Govt extends smart lockdown till 16 June

QUETTA: Government of Balochistan has extended the current smart lockdown for another 15 days till 16 June 2020 due to the spike in coronavirus cases in Pakistan according to a notification issued by the Balochistan Home Department.

According to the notification there remains a ban of all public gatherings including religious gatherings as a means to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Furthermore, it has been instructed that there remains a ban on all inter-city and inter-province travel. All educational institutions, marriage halls, community clubs and picnic points are also to remain closed according to the instructions given in the notification.

However, shops and markets are allowed to remain open from 9am to 7pm, Also, restaurants including tandoors are allowed to operate but only take away and home delivery services.

However, according to instructions all shops are to remain closed on Friday.

Similarly shops selling essential items like medical stores, grocery stores, fruits and vegetable shops and markets, dairy shops will be exempted from the restrictions.

Here is a copy of the notification showing extension in the Balochistan smart lockdown.

Balochistan Smart lockdown
Notification showing Balochistan smart lockdown extension till 16 June 2020.

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