Death row convicted saulat Mirza who was about to be executed in muchh jail early this morning reveals shocking statement in his last press release interview against Mqm chief Altaf Hussain and others .

In a televised message, Saulat Mirza, the death row inmate and former Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) worker, has made startling disclosures and grave allegations against Altaf Hussain-led-MQM, hours before his scheduled hanging at 5:30AM Thursday.

He did not beg for mercy but requested authorities to contact him and arrest culprits those who are involved in target killings.

Mirza appealed Mqm workers that altaf Hussain is doing all this for his personal gains and he wouldn’t bare anyone at his status.

On this press release interview interior ministry contacted president and postponed execution which was about to take place early this morning at 530.

Saulat Mirza Video interview from Muchh jail

The action taken right after it went on the media interior ministry postponed and ordered for committee to investigate more from mirza.

Altaf Hussain denying Saulat Mirza confession and calling it a propoganda to defame MQM image

Saulat Mirza was handed down the death sentence on May 24, 1999 for killing the MD KESC Shahid Hamid.

Shortly after the confession Wednesday night, Machh jail officials told the media that the scheduled hanging on March 19 has been postponed for 72 hours.

The jail superintendent confirmed that they have received a written order to halt the execution.

Mirza, in his video confession, said the order to kill the MD KESC had been passed on to him by Babar Ghauri, the then MNA of MQM. Mirza said the MQM chief Altaf Hussain used to carry his messages through Babar Ghauri.

Saulat Mirza said after executing the murder when he came into the grips of law, the MQM disowned him and threw him away like a used tissue paper.



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