CDA continues to strike enchorachers in G6 Sector

ISLAMABAD: Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Islamabad Capital Administration (ICT) has launched the operation against illegal encroachers who occupied State / CDA land or space in front of their buildings including high-rises, commercial, industrial, institutional, government building, residential houses and government residences etc in the sectorial area of Islamabad. During this operation, CDA is targeting all type of encroached area where residents/occupants encroached state / CDA land illegally in shape of installed or fixed barbed wire/fence, constructed car sheds, security cabins and occupied land/space for car parking, lawn & gardens etc.

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The operation is being carried out by Enforcement Directorate, CDA with the assistance of Building Control Section Directorate. Initially, sector G-6 has been focused and several illegal constructed structures on State / land are being dismantled and demolished. During this operation, 03 barriers, 05 fences, 01 barbed wire and 02 illegally installed iron grills causing hindrance to the pedestrian movement were removed from the sector G-6/3 and Sector G-6/4.

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It is pertinent to mention here that the operation was launched as series of complaints on this particular issue were received. In to address these complaints the Authority decided to carry out an operation against such encroachments. Initially, CDA through public notice warned owners of buildings including high-rises, commercial, industrial, institutional, government building and residential houses who have encroached upon CDA’s land to remove all sort of encroachments from the state land voluntarily.

Upon expiry of the deadline, this operation has been instigated; during which all types of encroachments on CDA land in front of houses would be dismantled / demolished.

This operation will be continued across the board without any fear or favour.

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