Recruitment of Professional Qualified Staff in Planning wing

ISLAMABAD: Capital Development Authority (CDA) has commenced recruitment of professional qualified staff in its Planning Wing. In order to ensure merit in the recruitment process, the services of the testing agencies have been hired. In this connection, an advertisement for recruitment has been published in the national dailies.

Induction of professional/qualified technical experts in the Planning Wing was the need of the hour as CDA is responsible to carry out the planning of the city.

Recruitment of Professional Qualified Staff in Planning wing
Recruitment of Professional Qualified Staff in Planning wing

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According to the advertisement, applications for the posts of Deputy Director Planning, Town Planners, Traffic Engineer, Assistant Town Planner, Assistant Quantity Surveyor and Surveyor have been sought.

It is pertinent to mention here that in the line with the vision of Prime Minister of Pakistan regarding digitalization of land and adopting latest technologies for state of the art planning of the city, CDA authority has not only taken steps for the up-gradation and strengthening of Planning Wing but has also established GIS Laboratory and has also signed MoUs with Survey of Pakistan and SUPARCO for equipping planning wing with modern technology and techniques. Moreover, Officers and Officials of the Planning Wing would be also imparted training to enhance their capabilities to carry out future planning of the city.

Cognizing the need, CDA management has decided to induct qualified professionals in the Planning Wing to overcome shortage of staff in the Wing. It is expected that induction of the fresh qualified staff would help improve service delivery of the wing.

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