CDA installing Smart Traffic Signals at Kashmir Highway

ISLAMABAD: Capital Developing Authority (CDA) replacing conventional traffic signals with the latest smart traffic signals at Kashmir Highway.

Preliminary work including installation of cabinets and provision of power supply has been completed on at G-11, G-10 and G-9 while preliminary work on remaining signals is in progress. Sensors based signals will be installed and adjusted in the next phase which will take nearly two weeks.

CDA installing Smart Traffic Signals at Kashmir Highway
CDA installing Smart Traffic Signals at Kashmir Highway

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Instructions have been issued to complete the work on smart signals and earliest and ensure that these signals be properly functional by 20-03-2020.

Capital Development Authority (CDA) in line with efforts to ensure smooth traffic flow on the roads of the city has taken several steps including technology-based initiatives and replacement of conventional traffic signals with the smart system is a continuation of the steps leading towards automation. Initially, existing traffic signals from G-7 to G-11 Kashmir Highway, including junction of Kashmir Highway at 7th Avenue, G-9, G-10, H-11 and G-11 are being replaced with smart system which will help ensure smooth and automated traffic control on the highway. These signals have optical sensors which change the timings of the green and red lights based on the traffic volume on either side.

These signals will visually process the number of vehicles and the timing will be altered automatically. This will decrease the need for physical intervention for traffic control and will facilitate thousands of commuters using this Highway. The project will be completed with cost of Rs. 2.48 million and completed within one month’s time.

Kashmir Highway is the first one, however, phase-wise all major avenues will have a smart signal system as codel formalities in this regard have already been completed.

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