CDA takes up neglected sectors

ISLAMABAD: Capital Development Authority (CDA) has decided to focus on thus far neglected sectors. In this connection a CDA team comprising Member engineering and relevant directors lead by the chairman CDA visited I-14, I-15 and I-16 sectors.

The sector I-14 has serious access problems as well as issues of services. Roads are in dilapidated state and utilities are hardly available. Similarly Access to I-16 is also not in usable condition.

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The chairman was apprised that contract is pending execution for want of only Rs. 50 million. On this the chairman immediately directed that finance wing to allocate this amount and this issue shall be resolved forthwith. It was decided that development work will commence this week. Moreover, Director Sanitation has been requested to make some temporary arrangements for solid waste disposal in these areas till proper arrangements are secured.

Further instructions were issued to make assessment of missing services in I-14 and I-16 under a maintenance program. Necessary assessment and planning work should be completed within one month, it was decided.

Meanwhile I-15 was a budgeted project but allocation had not been made thus far. Neither the design was signed off due to some procedural matters. In this regard also instructions have been issued that procedural matters be resolved within three weeks. Whereas process for contracting out should be completed within two to three months. It was observed that several thousand people are waiting for their residence and it is duty of CDA to expedite development.

These projects will yield considerable revenue to CDA through utilization of commercial areas. It was also observed that first charge on revenue receipts from these projects should be on funding the expenses of development and only surplus should be used for other expenses by CDA.

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