CDA DWP approves Two Key Projects for Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: Capital Development Authority (CDA) Development Working Party has approved two key projects for Islamabad. The approved vital projects include the Development of Blue Area G-9/F-9, Islamabad, and Development of Park Enclave Housing Project Phase-II (Block –A), Islamabad.

Approval of development work for one commercial and other housing project in Islamabad confirms resolve of present CDA administration to provide holistic and integrated development to Islamabad. Capital Development Authority according to vision of incumbent government is planning to develop Blue Area Islamabad on International Standards. The auction of the Blue Area plots is also being planned in near future.

In this regard basic infrastructure needs to be developed in the area in order to facilitate general public and to get attention of national and international community. For this purpose, CDA Development Working Party approved Development of Blue Area G-9/F-9, Islamabad project.

The estimated cost of the project as is 612.252 million rupees and is to be completed in 12 months from CDAs own resources. The project includes road work, drainage work, foot path, protection work, culverts, water supply, sewerage work, landscaping work, electrification and shifting of IESCO, PTC etc services.

In order to cater housing needs of the capital city, and to conclude the projects stalled for years, CDA Development Party approved Development of Park Enclave Housing Project Phase II (Block –A) , Islamabad. After nearing conclusion of development activities at Park Enclave I as model housing project In Zone –IV in Islamabad, the development of Phase II (Block A) has been approved. The project cost is 1628.412 Million with 24 months as completion period and will be from CDA S own sources. The project will include boundary wall, gate house and security pickets, Roads work, storm water drainage, foot path work, nullah protection work, sewerage system, culverts, water supply and rain water harvesting works, sanitation works, landscaping, Electrical and mechanical works, irrigation system, public building, cost of project director and staff, employees and Engineers facilities.

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