Clifton Karachi Rape Victim’s Statement Contradicts Evidence

New findings have come forwards regarding the Clifton Karachi rape incident involving a 22-year-old girl that go against the original statement recorded by the victim.

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Clifton Karachi Rape Victim’s Statement Contradicts Evidence.

According to Police, the girl was not abducted as the CCTV footage shows the 22-year-old getting into the vehicle of her alleged rapists voluntarily rebutting her earlier statement about getting kidnapped.

Furthermore, the CCTV footage obtained regarding the Clifton Karachi rape shows that the girl was not unconscious when she was released by the alleged abductors as statement in her statement.

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The CCTV footage shows the girl was taken by the car around 09:46pm and dropped off near the entrance of the shopping mall around 10:44pm while she was conscious.

The police has said that the 22-year-old girls statements have been contradictory to the evidence gathered so far including the medical report. All of these new findings suggest that it may be a case of a friendship gone wrong.

However, the police say that the statements from the accused in this Clifton Karachi rape incident are important to make more sense of the matter especially after the girl’s statements have been contradicting the evidence.

The police have failed to arrest the suspects as they have managed to evade the police but officials were able to obtain statements from eye-witnesses in the area.

The police was still investigating the matter to determine whether the girl was actually abducted or voluntarily got in the vehicle with the accused.

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